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there are several methods of adjusting the headlights. these models are equipped with composite headlights, with 2 adjustment screws, one controlling left-and-right movement and 1 for up and down movement. the simplest method requires a blank wall 25 feet in front of vehicle and a level floor. position masking tape vertically on the wall in reference to the center line and the center line of both headlights.position a horizontal tape line in reference to the center line of all headlights. adjustment should be made with vehicle level, the gas tank 1/2 full and no unnecessary load in vehicle. starting with the low beam adjustment, position the high intensity zone so it is 2 inches below the horizontal line and 2 inches to the side of the vertical headlight , away from on coming traffic. with the high beams on, the high intensity zone should be vertically centered with the exact center line just below the horizontal line. keep in mind the low beams are the most used, so try and get these right if possible.

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Q: How do you align the headlamps on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?
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