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How do you align your in ground pool for draining?

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Not a very good question. Rephrase better and reread to see if it makes sense before posting.

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Draining and swimming pool?

When draining a pool take care that there isn't enough ground water around the outside of the pool to lift it out of position, even a concrete pool will float on ground water. and once they are lifted out of the ground you are in big trouble.

My above ground pool is uneven fix it with out draining it.?

I have a 15' above ground pool, when we installed the pool it was a little uneven (not even 1") now that the pool has been up for a while it has settled and now the side that was lower is off by about 3-4". How can I fix this without draining the whole pool?

What are the dangers of draining an inground pool?

Two of the most prominent dangers of draining an inground pool are ground water causing the pool to pop out and the weight of the dirt being too much for the concrete walls causing a collapse.

Why drain a pool in rain?

To help spread out and dilute the chemicals in the ground. Not to mention it will help rise the sides while draining.

How do you bring down your calcium?

There is no way to reduce the calcium level except by draining some or all of the water. High calcium levels are a problem mostly in the southwest part of the US. Draining a pool can be dangerous if the water table is high; the pool can actually pop out of the ground.

What happens if you do not winterize your pool?

I did not winterize my pool this year, I am planning on draining it.

When is it safe to drain an inground pool?

When draining an in ground pool you must always be sure that groundwater surrounding the pool is not high enough to cause the pool to start to float. Even a concrete pool Will float if the groundwater under it is too high. Many pools are fitted with a hydrostatic valve in the deepest part of the pool to allow ground water into the pool if the water pressure on the outside of the pool gets too high.

What are the dangers in draining cement in ground pools?

You can safely drain it and it can be left empty for 6-8 weeks depending on your climatic conditions If there is an underground spring and your pool is empty, it will literally push your pool out of the ground. If you have a fiberglass pool, the pool will collapse because the dirt is just pushed up around it. The dirt will shift when the pool is empty. Also, if plaster is exposed too long in extremely high heat, it will crack. We don't recommend draining once daytime highs are consistently over 90 degrees.

How do you stop water from draining from pool?

Get a plug.

Closing an above ground pool?

I have cleaned and added my winter chemicals and am in the process of draining below the skimmer but my water looks a little cloudy is that normal ?

Pool Ladders?

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How can you prevent or correct leakage between the side walls and the liner resulting from ground water after spring thaw or rain around the in ground pool?

The only way I can imagine doing this would be to dig an agg drain around the pool thereby draining the ground water as it gets to the pool. The problem with this is that you would have to have a point low enough to drain it to or have a sump wit a pump in it which sounds rather expensive depending on how much ground water there is.

Can you replace the plungers in an AG without draining the pool?


What did Emma tillman invent?

Self-draining pool cover

How do you remove glass from the bottom of an inground swimming pool?

Call a local pool store and ask what they recommend in lieu of draining the pool.

Pool Liner?

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Can a rip approximately 6 inches from the bottom of sidewall of an above-ground pool be fixed without draining the pool?

Yes, pool companies sell "Under Water Cement" and patch kits. If you hole is bigger than the usual patch, ask the pool company to sell you a piece of used liner.

Pool Furniture?

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A pool can be filled with water in 10 hours Draining the pool requires 20 hours If the pool is empty and the drain is open how much time will be needed to fill the pool?

Trick question. The pool is empty but the drain is open. With an open drain, the pool will never fill, unless the water entering exceeds the water draining.True,-----------> 20 hours

Pool Paint?

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Is draining an in-ground vinyl pool ever a good cleaning option?

It would depend on the nature of the dirt, Emptying a pool is always the last option as it is a waste of water and chemicals. most cleaning jobs on a pool can be done while it is still full. It is often a good idea to seek advice from a pool professionals say at a pool shop for example.

How can you level a above ground swimming pool after the pool is up and the ground was not?

Disassemble the pool, grade the site, install pool

What is the cost of a above ground pool?

The cost of an above ground pool is relative to what you want IN a pool and what you want with the pool...............Accessories.

Are salt water pools drained in winter?

Salt or no, draining a pool is almost never recommended. The only pools that are drained typically are the easy up or blow up variety. NEVER DRAIN ANY OTHER ABOVE GROUND POOL. NEVER DRAIN A FIBERGLASS POOL. NEVER DRAIN A VINYL LINER POOL.

Where do swimming pool water bugs come from?

Probabily the ground surrounding your pool if its in-ground. In an above-ground pool they most likely fly into the pool or crawl into it from the sides.