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Assuming it is similar to a 1990 Taurus or a 1994 Crown Vic, it's easy. You need an appropriate size Torx bit (T20 I think), a small pry bar, and a large C clamp. Remove the wheel. Using the Torx bit, remove the two pins on the back of the caliper which are located inside the two rubber cones. With those out use the prybar to gently pull the caliper laterally away from the rotor until the pads are clear. Remove the pads from the caliper; they are held in with spring clips. The outboard pad just pulls out; the inboard pad pulls straight out from the caliper piston. Remove the lid from the brake master cylinder. Install the new inner pad, and use the C-clamp to compress the piston all the way back into the caliper. Replace the lid on the master cylinder. Slip the outboard pad into place, hook the top of the caliper into place on its bracket and roll the lower edge into position. Note that the spring-hook on the outer caliper has to be wedged into position. With the caliper shoved back into place, reinstall the two pins, stomp on the brake pedal a couple of times to re-seat the caliper piston, and reinstall the wheel.

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2006-05-15 04:24:26
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Q: How do you and how hard is it to change the front brake pads on an 1988 Crown Victoria?
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