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To begin, an employer asking this specific question is pretty shallow. The question comes across as if they are doing you a favor by working for them. However, the question could possibly come up in an interview, so it's worth preparing a response. The best way to answer the question would be to make yourself shine. Focus on your experience, previous accomplishments and any awards (or nominations) you've received. Then, let your interviewer know what you plan to being to the table and how this flows into their organizational goals and objectives. Conclude your response with the fact that your employment is a win-win for everyone. Good luck and break a leg!

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What are the benefits of a job interview?

The benefit of a job interview is to have sex with your boss hopefully you get hired.

How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?

Answering "How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?"

What are some good job interview questions?

There are many great questions that can be asked while giving an interview. Some good interview questions would be: What can you contribute to this job/company? Why did you apply for this job? Have you ever had difficulty getting along with co-workers or management? Why did you quit your previous job?

Do you know some job interview questions?

In a job interview you can be asked about your qualifications, past work, if you would submit to a drug test or even what hours you are willing to work. You should also be prepared to tell them why you would benefit their company.

How do you answer 'How do you think you will be able to contribute significantly to the success of the company' in a job interview?

You should have some skills that will benefit the company and you should be aware of what they are. If you can lay brick straignt and you're trying to get a job with a bricking company, you should tell them what you can do. If you can't benefit the company and in some way help them make money, why should they hire you?

How do you answer 'How will you contribute to this team or job' in a job interview?

The employer wants to know how you will benefit the company on a business and financial level, as well as how you would "fit" into the team in a social way. If you've done your homework on this company, you can demonstrate how your strengths are a great fit for the position and how you will benefit the overall team.

What is the difference between an Informational interview and a job job interview?

Simply, an informational interview is one that asks basic information about the applicant while a job interview is more of an elimination interview where the interviewers will see if you have what it takes for the position that is vacant in the company.

How do you answer what can you contribute to this company in a job interview?

Research the company before the interview. Find out exactly what the company does, its goals, strategies, vision etc., and then decide how you as a person with your skill set can fit into the company. Always be prepared for an interview.

How will you differentiate you from others in interview?

Giving canned answers and responses is definitely not the route you want to take in a job interview. You want to focus on the strengths that make you unique and will help you stand out positively in a job interview.

How will you benefit your organization How to respond in an interview?

Answer You always have to be able to highlight the things you can do for any company especially when there are a lot of appliciants for the job. It's like anything else in life, you get out of it, what you put into it.

How 2 act at a job interveiw?

Do research about the job and company you interview for. Have self esteem and confidence.

How do you answer 'Why do you feel you will be an asset to the company' in a job interview?

You could say that you feel you will be an asset to the company by stating why in an interview. You cannot get this question wrong.

How do you answer what can you offer our company in a job interview?

During a job interview you may be asked what you can offer the company to which you are applying. A company will probably not hire someone with nothing to contribute. You should discuss your strengths, skills, and expertise and show how they relate to the position for which you are applying.

What is the worst that could happen as a result of a job interview?

a person doesn't receive a job offer from that company

What is the worst that could happen as a result of a job interview-?

A person doesn't receive a job offer from that company.

What motivates you job interview?

giving the customers needs and meet their expectations..and when i get a positive feedback, it motivates me

What is unsolicited job application?

An unsolicited job application is when you apply for a job without being invited to do so; you might write to a company, giving details of your cv, to ask them for a job, or to consider you for a job. Soliciting job offers is advertising your cv, perhaps on a website, so that someone reading it might get in touch, inviting you to arrange a job interview with them.

How do you answer in a job interview why you want to work for our company?

because you really need a job...and found this one challenging and exciting... also because the company is well reputed...

How do you word on a job application or in an interview if asked the reason for leaving your last job was the boss embezzled funds and dissolved the company when applying for a new job?

The easiest response would be that the company went out of business. You could add that it had financial troubles, but giving details of why, may be too much while applying for a new job, unless you are or were the company accountant. Then adding such information would show you know your duties.

Why is this company a good fit for you?

This is a common question during a job interview. Only you can know the answer.

How do you turn down an offer for a second job interview?

Turning down an offer for a second job interview can be scary. The company is obviously interested in you. Turn down the company in a professional manner that does not burn the bridge in case you need to reapply in the future.

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