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How do you answer 'Tell me about the worse boss you ever had' in a job interview?


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I find this an odd question on an interview and I've been to many and never once have I been asked that question. Be aware! NEVER trash a former employer by gossip or swearing. It's got to be a trick question! Instead of naming names put it this way: "I expect a boss to be straight-forward and deliver what he expects his/her own employees to do. (Not one set of rules for the boss and another for the employees.) If I work hard I expect respect and also in time a pay raise. I'm loyal, communicate well and expect my boss to be the same because I don't care for head games. I've had one boss that didn't meet these standards and this is why I'm here!" Even though you may be sweating bullets at a job interview (most of us do) be hygienically tidy (no matter if you're applying for a mechanics job, etc.) and look the prospective employer in the eyes. Be confident, pleasant, smile and NEVER be rude. Don't call a former employer an S.O.B., or any other name and when asked about the former employer just say it the way I told you above. This way you aren't coming off as whining, but are more professional and a person that will not put up with being treated unfairly or you'll move on. These are some of the things I've done that has helped me: #1 I've had to discuss why I left my past employer at one time and said the above. The new employer hired me on the spot (of course my Resume was neat and to the point and I had enough to offer the company.) #2 Another interview I'd been on the new employer hired me and said, "We'll try you out for a month and see if you meet our needs." I looked him in the eye with a smile and said, "I understand perfectly. However, it will take me a month to decide if this company meets MY needs." My new boss told me later he'd never had anyone say that before and that's what sold him on me. Go figure! I worked for that company for 10 years and then left because I had to move up North. #3 (I detest this one.) "What are your wage expectations?" I always say (to this day) with a smile and being pleasant, "I feel a company that has their priorities straight has a wage scale so I would prefer you make me an offer." I am NEVER rude, but it's business! I usually land the job. I will admit that after being on an interview and being candid I know I'm taking a risk and when I come out of that interview my knees are knocking together and my sweat glands have been going at the speed of light! LOL Good luck!