How do you answer 'Why have you been fired' in a job interview?


As a Human Resources person with over 16 years in the HR field, I have conducted well over 3,500 interviews and believe it or not, if you've been fired from a job, the company will probably find out about it. Generally, the interviewer will pick up on a non-truthful response - especially if they're good at what they do.

It's always best to answer truthfully. If you are asked this on an application, be honest and indicate "yes" then briefly explain the circumstances. If you get the interview, again, answer truthfully and explain the situation. If you were in the wrong about something, indicate that, but also state that you have learned from your mistake and if possible, give examples of what/how you've learned.

Indicating "yes" does not always prevent a person from getting hired, but lying on an application is usually grounds for termination and lying in an interview is a bad idea. Most HR people will do reference checks, criminal records checks and possibly credit checks. If you've lied, a good HR person will find it.

So, as the first person said .... answer TRUTHFULLY.