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How do you answer ''How will you respond if the customer says 'No'.'' in a job interview?

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2008-08-21 03:29:39

A lot depends on the context of the question... If the original

context is something like problem resolution, and you are offering

a solution that the customer is declining, you can always respond

with something like: "Mr. Jones, I really feel bad about these

circumstances. What is it that I can do to make this right?" The

logic here is that the customer is FAR less likely to ask for more

than you would be able to offer anyways. It just feels ackward.

However, if they ask you for too much, you can respond with, "Well,

here is what I can do for you... " and take it from there.

If the original context has to do with a customer that is refusing

a directive (like someone rowdy that won't leave an establishment),

you would want to respond with something firm yet still

professional. "Mr. Jones, I'm certain you don't want this to become

a police matter, right? Please move along..." And Lastly, if the

customer is responding 'No' in response to a question regarding

membership or entitlement, you may use this opportunity to invite

them to become a member, advising them of the benefits that are

associated with membership! If these don't answer your question,

please re-word your original question to FAQFarmers can provide

more specific results. Good luck on your interview!

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