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You could say because you really enjoy interacting with people and would enjoy the environment of a call center. You could also say you like to analyze and improve your performance. You could also say that you hadn't been able to find a job in your field, but that probably wouldn't get you a job.

2014-09-18 00:04:53
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What is EMCC in electrical engineering?

Emergency motor control center.

When was Harvard Graduate Center created?

Harvard Graduate Center was created in 1950.

What type of job is considered a Graduate Mechanical job?

Most Graduate Mechanical jobs tend to center around engineering. This can include many different job types, including: medical, aerospace, and many more.

What are the interview of promodizer?

The interview of a promodizer varies depending on who is doing the interview. One interview question may center around what skills you have to bring to the company.Business

Where is the Graduate Center Foundation in New York New York located?

The address of the Graduate Center Foundation is: , New York, NY 10016-4309

Which engineering college have center code 0916 in gwalior?

Gwalior Engineering College

What are the possible questions in job interview in call center?

For me,the possible questions in job interview in call center are.... 1.why did you choose call center? 2.why should i hire you? 3.tell me about yourself.

How do you properly answer call center interview question?


What are the requirements for admission into Bsc Electrical Engineering?

The admission requirements of all the many Universities and Colleges around the world vary a lot! You don't say where you currently live nor where you want to study for a BSc in Electrical Engineering. In general terms, for admission to such a degree course, you would need to get good grades at least in math and physics plus passes in as many other science subjects as you can. Why not call a local college's admin center and ask them to send you details of their admission requirements for their BSc in Electrical Engineering?

Is Barry Sanders dead?

No he just did a interview with sports center

Can a high school graduate apply for a call center?


How is the center of gravity applicable to engineering?

common sense !

You want vb complete question and answer for interview?

Ask the career counseling center at your university for sample interview questions and possible answers to them. They might even do a mock interview with you.

Call center job interview?

When going in for a call center job interview dress in casual business attire. Remember to know information about the company prior so you can asks questions as well.

Best answer in a call center interview?

There is no single best answer for questions in a call center interview. You should make sure you know some things about the company as that may help you give good answers.

What questions are asked during a call center interview?

tell me about your self

Full form of CGFNS?

center for graduate foreign nursing school

What is the meaning of acronym OCBW in engineering?

On Center Both Ways

What are the hYpotHetical questions asked in a call center interview?

Most of the hypothetical questions asked in a call center interview center around how you would handle situations when dealing with customers. For example, how would you calm and irate customer, or how you could handle a rude customer.

What does the emblem ona BMW mean?

It is a version of an engineering symbol used in plans to denote the center-point or a center of gravity.It is meant to evoke a sense of precision and balance in design and engineering.

What are the release dates for Extreme Engineering - 2003 City Center Las Vegas?

Extreme Engineering - 2003 City Center Las Vegas was released on: USA: 31 December 2008

What is MCC room electrical?

motor control center

Call center interview question and answers?

There are not any call center questions and answers provided online. People studying for a test in a course or a job interview will need to review information provided by the company they are applying for the job with.

How many credit do you need to graduate from butcher Community Center School?


What is the location of the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research?

Buffalo, NY