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They're wanting to hear you speak, to see how well you communicate.

Usually there is less concern about what you say and more of an interest in how well you are able to explain something that you understand.

Tell them about your experience, where you went to school, what you studied in college, talk about your hobby, how you believe that you can help the company. But be careful on that last one, you don't want to be perceived as someone who is trying to draw the conversation away from their topic.

hi my name is mireille ia m 22 studying in Canadian universty

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How do you introduce my self in a telephone job interview?

Just introduce yourself the same way you would do a regular interview: state your name and talk about how you could be a future asset to a company.

How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?

Answering "How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?"

Tellme about yourself questions and answers?

When this is in a job interview, answer honestly. But try to put a positive spin on your answers. Don't talk badly about yourself.

Introduce about yourself?

There are many ways to introduce yourself in a job interview. You could start by saying your name and reason for applying.

How do you answer the interview question What motivates you to have this job?

Talk about why you want the job.

How do you talk about yourself during an interview?

The main thing in an interview is to come across as confident and friendly. So you can anticipate as part of any interview you will be asked to talk about you, your prior experience, how you fit the job. On the basis you can anticipate this you can also prepare for this type of question. Make sure you practice your answers so that at the interview you can focu on presenting yourself well rather than worrying about what to say. The related link below explains how to prepare for an interview so you give yourself every chance of getting the job

What is the difference between describe yourself and tell about yourself in a job interview?

There is not a difference between describing yourself and telling about yourself in a job interview. This is a time when you want to try and sell yourself so the employer will want to hire you.

What are the possible questions for a job interview?

tell me about yourself>.......

How to Talk about quitting a job in interview?

bold and polite

Should you study for a job interview?

you could study for a job interview if you want to, but i would if you really want the job.

How do you answer 'Tell something about yourself' in a job interview?

Tell something about yourself.

How do you introduce yourself in an interview for a first job?

Goodday mate

How do you explain motive in life in job interview?

just be yourself

What should you talk about at a job interview?

model railways they rule

What are the advantages and disadvantages of interview?

The obvious advantage of a job interview is that you could potentially get the job. The only disadvantage of an interview is that you might get nervous.

What are the questions asked in job interview?

describe yourself --include the experiences and skills you have that would apply to the needs for this job ------------------ Talk about your education, work history, recent career experience and future goals. Why did you leave your last job? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your weaknesses?

How do you answer the 'About yourself' section of an interview?

When telling an interviewer about yourself in a job interview, focus on the positives. Also make it concise and don't make yourself seem selfish or full of yourself. Say your strengths that would apply to the job you are interviewing for.

How do I respond to Tell me about yourself in an interview?

By telling your strengths and weaknesses.Something about yourself that is related to the job you are applying.

How do you answer 'Why do you think you deserve this job' in a job interview?

This is a type of question that you may be presented with at a job interview. It is intended to get you to talk about yourself in an informal way and to help the interviewer to make an evaluation. As you are the only one that can answer such questions you should think carefully about such questions beforehand. This is the part of the interview where you can sell yourself. Do not just repeat the same lines you have read in a book or online, the interviewer will know all those answers. Think positive and be original

Describe a difficult problem you had to sort out in your last job?

In a job interview you may be required to describe a difficult problem that you had to sort out in your last job. You could talk about a time you dealt with a difficult customer.

What you say in 30 seconds to introduce yourself at the group job interview?

Say your name and the things you like about the job then explain yourself, & the position you want in your job

How do you answer 'Where do you see yourself going' in a job interview?


What best explains the reality of a job interview?

tell me about yourself?? best answer

How do you answer 'What are your specialties' in a job interview?

There are an unlimited number of ways you could list your specialties in a job interview. You could say that you are organized for example.

How to prepare for an interview for a graphic designer job position?

Preparing for an interview for a graphic designer job is just like preparing for any job interview. You need to research the business you are interviewing with, and determine how they need you, then sell yourself.