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this question is just to see if you can handle things on your own if your supervisor happens to be too busy to assist you you can make up a story like you needed to print copies and the company was out of paper so you offered to go to Kinko's it doesn't have to be any thing extravagant your pencil was dull so you sharpened it remember interviewers are just people who were sitting where you are NOW maybe 5 to 10 years ago and they just happen to be sitting on the other side i don't know what kind of work you do so i cant specify any topic or situation just come up with something easy not too challenging and we all have had problems at work so it should be to hard for instance Ive been to school i work on computers my mouse stopped working so i had to do every thing by the key board thank GOD i took that computer class

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Q: How do you answer 'Describe a challenge you encountered at work and how you solved it' in a job interview?
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