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The question is looking to explore your experience in recruitment, what level of recruitment have you been involved in. Your title and number of years in the job will not immediately describe what you have done to date as every organisation differs. In a smaller company you are likely to be more involved, but have less people to recruit, in a larger one you may have to do a lot of the admin first before you even sit in on an interview yourself. So.... think about the whole process, what aspects do you get involved in? What level do you recruit for? - only admin staff or senior positions too? do you do your own adverst or do you outsource. Look to impress by saying how you would recruit a job, thinking outside the box (not just farming off to an agency). So - your experience, your understanding of the process, contribute ideas, if there are things you would like to do e.g. develop a recruitment website, talk about this, and how it would add value G - Resourcing Advisor.

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Can you join the recruitment?

Why not, a person having some knowledge of recruiting can join recruitment as a fresher and get trained in the recruitment process to become an expert in RPO. Regards, Harry

What HRM changes can be expected to deal with knowledge workers with respect to recruiting?

What HRM changes can be expected to deal with knowledge workers with respect to recruiting?

What has the author Elisabeth Pankl written?

Elisabeth Pankl has written: 'Recruitment, development, and retention of information professionals' -- subject(s): College personnel management, Knowledge management, Recruiting, Training of, Knowledge workers, Library education, Academic libraries, Academic librarians, Personnel management

Basic interview knowledge of OLT and ONU system Basic interview knowledge of outside plan system Basic interview opt?

== ==

Basic interview knowledge of SDH system Basic interview knowledge of DSL system?

== == what is the difference between sdh wan and ethernet wan

What is Knowledge of Federal personnel laws rules regulations and guidance in the areas of recruitment and placement classification compensation and pay performance management leadership and knowledge?

Knowledge of performance management rules, regulations, and procedures.

How do you answer group interview questions at Kohl's?

you answer with confidence and knowledge of what you are saying. Don't be scared just think of it as if you were the person doing the interview what would you want the answer to be.

Basic computer knowledge for bank clerk interview?

yes it must required because the computer knowledge person is a asset to the bank

What does an interview mean to you?

based on knowledge of a candidate to justify it throught interview so u might know whether heor she is capable for the course he is offered

What is meant by specialisation in a business?

either giving someone a promotion, training someone or recruiting someone for a particular job in which they exceed in knowledge.

How best I can prepare for an interview?

To best prepare for an interview, relax and calm your nerves. Be prepared with some knowledge about the company as well so you are ready for the questions you will be asked.

Why would you like to work in this company?

You should prepare for job interviews by researching the company with which you are interviewing. Having this knowledge will assist you in talking confidently about what you like about the company.

Why you should be selected for an interview?

because m hardworking, have good confidence, good knowledge, sincerity

Literature review on recruitment and selection of personnel in the printing industry?

The recruitment and selection of personnel in the printing industry is based on several factors. These include knowledge of the printing industry, personal reviews and judgments of the potential employee, and social skills of the potential employee.

Interview tips to attaine job interview?

Some general tips for facing any job interview are to be presentable, confident, dress formal. You should have the knowledge about the company like Name, title of position, name of the director etc.

How do you answer 'How would you relate your key competencies to this position' in a job interview when applying for quality assurance software test engineer position?

When interviewing for a quality assurance software test engineer position, answer questions with authority. For example, if asked how would you relate your key competencies to this position, state you are very competent in the programming and knowledge of the job area.

How do you answer 'What do you like best in this position' in a job interview?

this position is the key of life .it give me a lot of knowledge about interview.a persons who give a lot of interview he will teach somthing

Interviewing experts and people with specialized knowledge or firsthand information on a particular topic is an excellent way of collecting which type of information for a research paper or project?

secondary source

What is an interview and what are the types of interviews?

An interview is basically a face to face converstaion where the interviewer asks certain questions depending on the purpose of the interview. It could be about a work, about school or the like. The interviewee will answer them with utmost knowledge. Some types of interview are screening interviews, telephone interviews, video conference, one on one, panel interview, group interview and serial or sequential interviews. Usually it will depend on the purspose of such process.

Disadvantages of external recruitment?

Lack of knowledge about the skills of the recruit. No matter how skilled you are at interviewing you may end up with some guy with no skills. Costly both in cash and time. You may promote one of your own for the position instead of searching for weeks for an appropriate candidate. You might also need a help of a headhunting company that's actually god at picking professionals making you waste some more money.

What two things that the employer is trying to determine during the interview?

Your confidence level and experience / subject knowledge

Was there any one on one interview between Sara Palin and Bill O'Reilly?

There was no one on one interview between them to the best of my knowledge. Not everyone can stand Bill the excellent journalist of our time.

How do you think I rate in an interview?

An interview is the highest source of truth and the objective is to know your weakness and strength.If you are able to overcome your weakness sincerely then it is possible that you will rate high.The other features is clarity of expression,wit and knowledge with a pleasing personality during an interview.

How do you reply to 'Why do you want this job' in an interview?

You should be prepared to answer this question honestly and thoroughly. Prepare for the interview by researching and reading about the company to gain background knowledge to help in answering questions such as this.

How do you answer 'Are you a leader' in a job interview?

I prefer teamwork---everyone bring their talents and knowledge to encourage others.