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How do you answer 'Describe the extent of your knowledge in recruitment and tell us something about your experise in recruiting sourcing interviewing' in a job interview?

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October 12, 2008 12:54PM

The question is looking to explore your experience in recruitment, what level of recruitment have you been involved in. Your title and number of years in the job will not immediately describe what you have done to date as every organisation differs. In a smaller company you are likely to be more involved, but have less people to recruit, in a larger one you may have to do a lot of the admin first before you even sit in on an interview yourself. So.... think about the whole process, what aspects do you get involved in? What level do you recruit for? - only admin staff or senior positions too? do you do your own adverst or do you outsource. Look to impress by saying how you would recruit a job, thinking outside the box (not just farming off to an agency). So - your experience, your understanding of the process, contribute ideas, if there are things you would like to do e.g. develop a recruitment website, talk about this, and how it would add value G - Resourcing Advisor.