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The best way to answer this questions is to think about relevant circumstances in your past work or social experiences. You may have had to convince people to adopt a certain policy or go with a certain product.

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What happened to Anne Hutchinson after she began disagreeing with Puritan beliefs?

She was forced to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What religion is Ashton Kutcher?

Either agnostic or atheist, he said he was trying not to have beliefs in an interview. That and by not having beliefs he was removing his ego from the world.

How can you convince people that homosexuality is bad?

You don't, because homosexuality isn't bad at all.

What are some of the problem in interview as a method of selection?

The interview as a selection method to fill a position is subjective. It is based on the interviewer's opinion and personal biases, background, and beliefs.

How do you convince a person to respect someones religious beliefs?

you can convince some to respect a person's religious belief is by listening to the persons story or if you don't want to listen gently tell the person to stop

Is Jensen ackles a Christian?

Actually according to a February 2003 interview, it was asked what his beliefs were and he mentioned that he was Non-Denominational Christian.

Explain how you would convince a group of people to adapt to a concept that they are reluctant to embrace?

If they are reluctant, then it will be very difficult to convince them of anything because their mind is closed to your concept. For instance, a group of liberals trying to convince a group of conservatives that abortion is okay. That would never happen. If a belief is strong enough and stems from upbringing and values, it is nearly impossible for anyone to change it. With time, people may become softer and rationalize a little, becoming more open minded, but I have never known anyone to change their core beliefs or values instantly.

Example of superstitious beliefs with explanation?

Superstitious beliefs are everywhere with us, it depends with the geographical location. For instance in Africa, folks believe that if a man is not accorded proper burial, then he will haunt the people.

What is subjective responsibility?

subjective responsibility are obligations we feel was are responsible for because of our beliefs, values, etc. For example, you witness a murder. In this instance, your conscious and beliefs will guide you to take action by reporting it to the police.

What are some beliefs of women in Bangladesh?

There are a number of beliefs of Bangladesh women. For instance pregnancy is considered to be some sort of illness and a woman should take rest until they recover by giving birth.

Why did Roger Williams come to Rhode Island?

He had been exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for disagreeing with its leader, John Winthrop, on matters of governance. He founded the colony of Rhode Island according to his own beliefs including the separation of church and state.

Tell us about a time when you made a stand for something you really believe in?

This is a question that you would be asked during an interview to get a feel for your conviction if your beliefs.

What are the superstitious beliefs and practices?

Superstitions are beliefs that one event causes another event somehow. For instance, some people believe it is bad luck to walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors.

What is the term to change the religious beliefs of someone?

To make another person change religion is called "convert". The person who changes his beliefs is also said to "convert"; or to have undergone a "conversion", though the term "apostasy" is also sometimes used.

How did scientific thinkers integrate their scientific beliefs with their spiritual beliefs?

A belief in Science does not preclude other areas of endeavour. For example spirituality, music, art, legerdemain, cultural values. OT literalists are sometimes upset by scientific knowledge disagreeing with ancient legends, and claim that science and spirituality cannot co-exist. This does not have a widespread following among any group of thinkers.

What were the beliefs of the ancient philosophers?

The beliefs of the ancient philosophers varied greatly from person to person, age to age. Confucianism, for instance, was the philosophy that people could become better, more just and moral and wise, with practice and proper lessons.

How do you convince your doctor you need to keep bone from surgery for religious belief?

keep it simple to religious beliefs, you require your bone/bones, so they can be put with the rest of your earthly shell, when this journey is over. in this day of equality etc, they cant refuse or its suppressing your religious beliefs, and view points

Do animals have the same right as people?

yes animals do! They are just like us. They have feelings and are the best things on earth. Right, let me introduce you to some carnivores then. Maybe you can convince it not to eat you out of respect for its beliefs.

Do you have superstitious beliefs about comets?

One superstitious belief about comets was that they were a sign of bad omens. For instance, in the battle of 1066, the Halley's Comet appeared creating a picture of doom.

What is ideological diversity?

An ideology, in most contexts, is a set of basic beliefs or underlining ideas. A religious ideology would then mean a religious set of beliefs.Diversity refers to a difference, in this instance.When putting the two together, very roughly, on gets a differing set of beliefs or a differing set of ideas.Ideology is what an individual, and hence a group, class or culture believes. Ideological diversity is the condition of entertaining or allowing more than one set of beliefs.

What is forever when life is always intransition?

That depends on your beliefs. For instance, I personally believe in an afterlife, where I will live in eternity with Jesus after I die. I also believe that God is eternal and unchanging forever.

What beliefs are not consistent with the Lutheran Church?

There are many beliefs which are not consistent with the Lutheran Church, such as jihad or meditation as prescribed by Buddha. However, within the Christian school of thought, there are several. Free Will, for instance, is not upheld by Lutherans; nor is the millennial reign of Christ. predestination determines the ultimate fate of a person

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

When you are asked to what degree do you agree with a statement in a job interview, the interviewer is trying to gauge your beliefs and thought process. You could answer that you agree strongly, agree slightly, disagree somewhat, or disagree strongly.

Is Kevin garnett Muslim?

In an interview, Gorgui Dieng said Kevin Garnett respected Gorgui s islamic beliefs and practice but there has not been any indication, from my knowledge, that he is Muslim.

What are some confucian beliefs?

what are confucian beliefs? what are confucian beliefs?