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My family comprises of 4 members my parents myself and my wife. I am the youngest and have 2 siblings my elder sisters. my father is 60 years old he is a business man. He runs his own business of cars. My mother is a house wife she spend her whole life for her children. My both sisters chooses medicine field. Both are nurse and work in hospitals

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How do you answer 'What is your background' in a job interview?

Tell them your background.

How do you answer a question about your family background in a job interview?

Asking about your family background is off-limits in a typical job interview. Employers should keep personal questions absolutely out of the interview process. If you're being asked about your background, maybe you should think about whether this is the employer for you.

I want to know where i put my family background in tell about your self?

When the application requests the applicant to tell about yourself, do not tell about your family background. Stick to your education, experience, and personal interests that help with the job. Only put family background if there is something that will help you get the job.

How do you introduce educational background at job interview?

To introduce your educational background in a job interview wait until the employer you would like to be hired by asks your for your experience and your qualification.

How do you answer tell us more about yourself during the job interview?

You say what your hobbies are and what you excelled at in collage (or high school). You tell about your family also.

Do you have to tell a job interview what you were convicted of?


How will personal introduction in job interview?

i will start introducing myself how am i then my education background

How do you tell about family in job interview?

Unless your family is relevant to the position for which you are applying, why tell about family at all? If I am seeking a computer programmer, whether Dad was a plumber, a carpenter, or a surgeon makes no difference. Now, if Dad was one of the developers of the MS-DOS system, and you learned from him, THAT would be worth mentioning. Many applicants mistake a job interview for a social event. Stay on track.

How do you explain bankruptcy in a job interview?

You tell the truth.

What are good job interview questions?

tell me about your self?

What are the possible questions for a job interview?

tell me about yourself>.......

What is a mock job interview?

If you've never interviewed for a job before a friend of the family or businessman you know might be willing to walk you through a pretend job interview. If they have ever interviewed folks they can demonstrate typical questions, tell you why they ask them, tell you what thet want you to tell them, how they want you to act etc. You can do tis as an individual or in front of a group, each of which can be interviewed as well.

How do you tell them why you are a good fit for the job in a job interview?

Do you enjoy it? If so, there's your reason.

How do you answer 'Tell something about yourself' in a job interview?

Tell something about yourself.

How do you answer why you want this job in a job interview?

Tell them that you see this as your chance to nurture your talent. Tell the interviewer that you believe that you can do well in their company.

How do i answer this question in my job interview Do you have the physical stamina to perform this job?

You tell them the truth - whether or not you have the stamina to perform the job.

How do you describe you family to a job interview?

I'm 20 years old.

What best explains the reality of a job interview?

tell me about yourself?? best answer

How do you answer 'what other jobs are you applying for' in a job interview?

When asked 'what other jobs are you applying for' in a job interview you should answer with the truth. Just tell the employer.

How do you tell someone children are not allowed when coming in to fill out a job application?

Tell them this is a work area, kids are not part of the job interview... I want you and only you.

FAQ's job interview?

why do you want this job? where did you work before and why did you leave? have you got any special pay requirments? how much of a team player are you? have you got a crimina record? medical problems? family status as in are you married, children ect..? tell us about yourself... there are some good book out there about how to preper for a job interview, look them up

Does an eligibility requirement have to be disclosed during an interview?

It depends on the job and the choice of the interviewers to disclose those aspects during the interview. However, you should have seen the requirements in the job announcement and expect the typical questionnaire about your background on the application.

How do you rescind an invitation to interview for employment?

Call the employer the day before the interview and tell him that the interview needs to cancelled because of conflict in schedule. Discuss how the interview can be rescheduled. In case of acceptance to another job, call the employer again and inform him of the new job taken.

What are the general questions asked in a capitec job interview?

General questions asked in a Capitec job interview include any past experience in banking and customer service questions. There will also be background questions about education and work experience.

What are the possible questions in job interview in call center?

For me,the possible questions in job interview in call center are.... 1.why did you choose call center? 2.why should i hire you? 3.tell me about yourself.