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How do you answer 'What are you looking to avoid in your career' in a job interview?

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Making a career change without a plan.

Changing careers because you hate your job.

Making a career change solely based on money/benefits.

Changing careers because of outside pressure.

Making a career change without assessment of likes/dislikes and without self-reflection.

Changing careers based on the success of others.

Making a career change without necessary experience/education.

Changing careers without updating job-search skills/techniques

Not doing it!

Trying to do it too quicklyFailing to get a support team in placeAssuming you are too oldFailing to learn from past mistakesNot thinking big enoughFollowing others' adviceNot taking the time to really get to know yourselfFailing to research the opportunitiesLetting fear freeze you into inactivity
2011-08-04 05:44:01
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Q: How do you answer 'What are you looking to avoid in your career' in a job interview?
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How do you answer 'What are you looking for in your next job' in a job interview?

The best way to answer the question during a job interview is to be honest. A great example is: I want a role in which I can progress quickly and develop my career, or I am looking for a new challenge which will broaden my experience.

How do you explain an occupation career?

A Job Interview.

How do you answer 'What is your career plan' in a job interview?

My career plan is...

What are looking for in your new job?

In a job interview, you may be asked what you are looking for in your new job. You could say that you are looking for a new challenge.

How do you answer 'What are your future career plans' in a job interview?


How do you answer 'Are you happy with your career progress to date' in a job interview?

still no.I want job satisfaction in my job but there no such.

Why did you choose a career in psychology?

In a job interview you may be asked why you chose a career in psychology. You could say that you were passionate for it.

How do you answer 'Why are you looking for a new job' in an interview?

Most individuals looking for a new job are looking for better benefits or higher pay. Sometimes individual job seekers are also looking for a change of pace or a job with more fulfillment.

Why is it important to be smart?

Well if you are attending for a job interview, looking smart is important because it shows you care about the interview and demonstrates your ability to conform to the expectations of the job.

What led you to choose the career for which you are preparing?

This is usually a question that is asked by colleges in an interview. You can share why you are choosing a certain job or career and what you like about it.

Why should you Not be late to a job interview?

why i should not be late to a job interwiev.maybe that job interwiev can depend on my future or it can be what i was looking for or where i was ment to be...

What is a good paying career?

It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a job of computer science or like job that has to do with arts or what it depends on what you want.

How do I answer the question What are you looking for in terms of career development?

On a job interview, if asked what the applicant is looking for in terms of career development, one must give emphasis on optimizing one's skills. Learning and gaining more knowledge and skills that are useful to a company will advance not only the employee but grow with the company, too.

How do you answer the question 'Why you are looking for a new job' in an interview?

Try not to emphasize that you are miserable at your current job. Keep things positive.Say things like, "I'm looking for more satisfaction out of work." or "I'm looking to make a career change." or "I need to be challenged at work." or "This job fits my lifestyle better."Also, saying "I lost my last job" is not a sufficient answer. Employers want to see eagerness not desperation.

Is it ok to have braids at a job interview?

Yes, if you are female and the braids in your hair look neat then its fine to wear them to a job interview working in a casual business office environment. If you are a man, braids are generally unprofessional to a job interview at a casual business interview. Neat-looking locs should be just fine instead.

How do you answer 'What are your career goals on the next three to five years' in a job interview?

That is a question you should prepare yourself for before the interview. Answer the question honestly and state what your career goals are, especially as they relate to that particular company.

Describe your career aspirations?

When being asked to describe your career aspirations in a job interview gives the individual the opportunity to tell the potential employer what their career goals are. They could mention any continuing education plans or job advancement goals.

How do you answer ' why you choose this career' in this job interview?

By definition a "career" is a job that you are going to make your life profession and retire from. So your answer should be because you are passionate about it and it's what you've always wanted to do, etc.

Is there a career job test center to discover my ideal career?

Depending on your ideal career, you can go to different sites to decide if you fit the interests for the career that you are looking for.

Would you tell us what attracts you to a career with us?

If you go to a job interview you might be asked to tell them what attracts you to a career with them. You could talk about how you admire the company.

Why are you looking for a new position at this time and what do you want to do in your next position?

Be prepared to answer this question during a job interview. Focus on reasons such as your own growth and career advancement or changes. Do not dwell on any negatives at your current position.

Why is it important to gather up to date career information?

so you can know when the next jo interview is so you can get that job.

What methods for looking for a job may get you an interview before other applicants get a chance to apply for the job?

Asking friends and family if they know of any job openings

What do you need to do before hiring an employee?

Decide what you are looking for a write up a job description for the position. Post the description on job websites. Review the candidates and select ones to interview. Interview and then make an offer.

What are some career objective questions that might be asked in a job interview?

# What is your career objective? # Where do you see yourself in 5 years? # What type of work/projects excite/interest you?