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How do you answer 'What do you consider most important when working with customers' in a job interview?

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CUST0MER SERVICE COMES FIRST! Always be pleasant and considerate of the customer. Working with the public is an extremely hard job because you are going to get "cranky ones" that you are going to have to smile at and do the best you can to calm them down and give them good service even though you feel like pulling their lower lip over their heads.

2008-09-11 09:07:04
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Q: How do you answer 'What do you consider most important when working with customers' in a job interview?
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What do you consider is the most important when working with customers?

What do you consider is the most important when working with customers?

How to answer what do you consider is the most important when working with customers?

One of most important consider is to listen the customer especially if there is an issue or concern on product/service.

What does an employer want to hear if they ask what you consider to be most important when working with customers?

I believe providing a "quality customer service" is the most important factor, that an employee should consider when working with customers. There is business because there are customers. Employees are the representatives of the company. If employees will serve the customers right, they are building good relationships to the company's customers. If they did not serve the customers well, they are pushing away the customers.

What is the important task when working with customers?

An important task when working with customers is collecting their information. With the ability to contact your customers you can retain down and sell them additional products.

What do you consider is the most important when working with customer?

fast service delivery offering quality products and being trusted having truth when dealing with customers

What are the steps for conducting a successful tax interview?

The best way to conduct a successful interview is to demonstrate that you can prepare taxes. You should also demonstrate your skills with working with customers.

Why is it important to build positive working relationships with your customers and how do you do this?

It is important to build positive working relationships with your customers in order to keep your customers. Customers are what keeps your business going. No customers, no business. Honesty, loyalty and integrity are what keeps customers. We have been in business for 15 years and it is because of these qualities. You must work very hard and do your very best for your customers.

What is the most important factor that a medical sales representative should consider when working or dealing with healthcare professionals?

There are a number of important factors that a medical sales representative should consider when working or dealing with healthcare professionals. They should have accurate information for example.

The ability to work multiple screens on your computer is important for helping customers quickly If you were working with two computer applications or programs at the sa?

The ability to work multiple screens on your computer is important for helping customers quickly

Why are communication skills important in retail?

It helps the company you are working for from losing customers. In other words, if you can speak professionally to the customers, they are likely to return to your store for continued business.

What do you consider is the most important when working to the costumers?

to ensure costumers satisfaction as they enter and leave the establishment

Would you consider working again?

would you consider working again for us

Explain five values that you consider to be most important in your working life?

For me, the important values in a work environment are:honestyconsistencyfocusconsiderationteamwork

Working with customers?

keep it professional.

How do you build good working relationships with customers?

Be nice, helpful, fair and kind to customers.

How do you reply to an interview invitation and setting up a date and time for the interview?

Everyone get's a opportunity 1 time in their life but i am very thankful to u that u r my opportunity and for me interview is very important because of interview I can so my strength capacity of working and mind creativity so sir, we can set any date and time of interview its up to you thanking you, sonu keserwani Mo.09307001425,08010462005

Why is it important to build positive working relationships with customers and how do you do so?

It is very important to build a positive working relationship with customers because your customers are the bloodline to your business. Without customers, you cannot create a cash flow for your business. You will not be able to pay your expenses to operate the business, pay your employees (if you have any) or pay yourself. It is an absolute must to demonstrate a positive attitude and greet your customers with a smile. Leave forms where your customers can leave surveys that give feedback and comments regarding the service you've provided. You also have to learn your customers and listen to their feedback. Show genuine interest in your customers and they will create referrals and also become repeat customers. If you treat your customers well, you will be highly recommended to others. Your magnetic personality and charisma will not only attract more customers and increase sales, it will help you attract quality business partnerships to help you increase and build your business.

How do you develop good working relationship with colleagues and customers in the automotive workplace?

Explain how to develop good working relationships with colleagues and customers in the automotive workplace

What are important considerations when working with customers?

I consider the most important when working with customers is to know about all the information about them. To understand in their situation. You should know their moods. And always have a good explanation about their question. You don't always need an answer but show you are willing to go the "extra mile" . You need to be patient & understanding. Keep the customer at the forefront and remember that the customer is always right or let them think they are. And I also consider working with our customers is how we satisfy or to encouraged them to deal with our offers. But first, you could only do that if you had the skills in good communication with different types of people. Because the way you talked with them, the more they'll understand the offer, so tendency, they will encouraged buying. So, good communication is one of the important characters of how you deal with it. Then second, is good customer service. In customer service, you must have the ability to supply the customer wants and needs. Because excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to constancy and consistency exceed the customer's expectations. Good customer services are also making a commitment to our customers. So, that was the second important character when working with customers. Third thing is having strong negotiation skills. You must also have these skills, because it also boosts our relation with our customers and can also close a deal. So when you are working with our customers, these were very important. The fourth thing was service oriented. We are committed to assure our customers the highest quality of service at all times to satisfy their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. When we design an organization, we need to consider how our policies and procedures will ALLOW our employees to build customer relationships. The more we can "do" for our customers, the greater number of products and services they purchase from our organization. If we increase the number of options for them each time they purchase or use our services, the likelihood remains that they will purchase or use our services in greater depth each time they purchase. Throughout the lifetime of our customers, we will have the opportunity to share our products and services with them. To the extent this sharing is beneficial to both parties will indicate the level of share we have the opportunity to gain. Over the course of this sharing, our products will gain a percentage of total sales in that category of our customer's purchasing life. This is our "share of life."

How do you answer 'What is an example of experience working in a pressurized and busy environment' in a job interview?

Some examples of working in a pressurized and busy environment are: working in a busy office where there are a lot of important deadlines to meet working in a busy emergency room of a hospital working as a cashier in an exceptionally busy retail store working in a restaurant during their rush hours

What do customers want and expect from employees?

good at working

Did Einstein consider working with his sister?


What are some jcpenny interview questions?

I just had an interview with jcpennys two days ago. Everyone always says how nervous they are for an interview, I even get nervous for an interview. One thing you can do is google jcpennys interview questions and as you read them answer them out loud like you would be getting interviewed at home it really helped me out when I went for this interview ,because I knew the questions asked and it made me look more confident! Some questions were... -What hours are you able to work? -Why did you like working with your previous employer? -What did your last job entitle? -What was your reason for leaving your last job? -What have you heard about jcpennys -What position are you interested in working - Are you okay with leaving that department and working another if we need you too? - What are three things that make you think make you hold to make you a good candiate for working at jcpennys? The lady that interviewed me told me i have a second interview to go to today. This interview is with the general manager, she told me at jcpennys the things they look for are: -If you have a resume bring it -If you dress nice -If you talk up on the company -If your all about the customers at jcpennys they pride their customer support!!! GOOD LUCK I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!!

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment?

When asked about your most rewarding accomplishment on a job interview you should focus on achievements that you have had while working. Discuss how you helped customers find the perfect products for their needs or increased sales for a company to answer this question.

What is Haymitch working with Katniss on?

Haymitch is helping katniss on what to say for her interview