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Interaction with different kinds of people, develope communication skills, able to share ideas and be of good service to others.

AnswerAnswer the question honestly, you will appear genuine and trustworthy. Some like customer service jobs because it uses their problem-solving skills, while others enjoy knowing that they were able to help someone else.
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Q: How do you answer 'What do you like best about being a customer service representative' in a job interview?
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What skills or aptitudes are required for a customer service representative?

Patience and being Calm?

What jobs are being offered at Newark Airport?

There is a job opening for ramp attendant at Newark airport. You can also become customer service representative, customer service agent or work for ground service.

Why do you want to be a customer service representative?

Because I see myself as one helping people being and feeling served is always my goal and happiness.

Pursuing a Bilingual Career in the Customer Service Field?

One growing bilingual career is a bilingual customer service representative. Someone who loves speaking with customers on the phone and is skilled at a second language may want to look into this type of work. Read further to find out more regarding work as a customer representative. Answering customers' questions, solving problems with orders, and listening to customers' complaints are three job responsibilities that many customer service representatives encounter. In addition, a customer service representative that is capable of speaking and understanding another language is increasing his or her value in the field. Customer representatives who are bilingual would be able to understand the concerns and frustrations of a non-English speaking person. The customer would be more likely to do business with the store again if he or she received help from an understanding representative. A customer rep must be patient and listen to a customer's problems with a product or service. A customer service representative (bilingual or not) must know how to speak intelligently. Customer services representatives generally speak to customers over the telephone, however some offer online help. For instance, a company may hire customer representatives to provide help for customers browsing the store's website. Either way, a customer representative must be both knowledgeable and courteous . Generally, customer service representatives receive training from the company that hires them. A bilingual customer service representative usually has knowledge of a second language before being hired. In addition, a person with a particular knowledge of a product would stand out as an appealing job candidate. For example, knowledge of computers would be an advantage for someone pursuing a representative job at a computer store. Job candidates should carefully consider their skills and knowledge to determine what would help in a customer representative job. The earnings for a customer representative job vary depending on the type of company the person is dealing with. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median hourly wage for customer representatives (in May 2008) was $14.36. A bilingual customer representative would be able to offer more skills that the average customer service representative and could therefore command a higher wage.

Define customer service?

Customer Service is being positively certain that your customer left completely happy and satisfied with a smile on their face no matter the circumstances. Customer service is being attentive and personable at all times.

What attributes can you bring to this company?

This is a common interview question. You could say, 'My great customer service skills, my commitment to being a team player, my passion for this company, or being detailed oriented.'

How did you prepare for today's interview?

Going beyond the normal response, assisting and offering to assist without being asked Example, a homeowner tell you they have plumbing problems it is a condo community not your problem, help them find a plumber customer service, excellent customer service would be calling the plumber and setting a time and date with the person present fitting their schedule. Excellent customer service

What is the objective being a call center agent?

Here is a call center agent resume objective. To obtain a position as a call center representative that will utilize my skills in customer service.

Which skills are best for a customer service job?

If you are interested in the skills in regards to being a customer server representative, there are many you will need to have. You need to be able to speak the proper language required of your customers, have good people skills and be familiar with the company you work for.

Are there any legitimate work from home companies?

Yes there are legitimate work from home companies. The most prevalent being a customer service representative or a telephone rep working from your computer at home.

What is bad customer service?

bad customer service is when you do not take the time to help someone because it is not profitable to you in any way. it is ignoring a customer. if you get a query and you do not know the answer then you should refer them to someone who can answer their question. bad customer service is being in polite and not helpful in any way when needed buy a customer. being rude or obnoxious is bad too.

Why customer service excellence is important?

based on my experience, customer service is first person to handle with customer problem. they represent how does the company value is being integrated in pragmatic solution

What are the two factors to consider when Creating Customer Service Strategy?

The two factors that must be taken into consideration before creating and implementing a customer service strategy are the customer base and the product or service being offered.

Responsibilities of a saleslady?

the responsibilities of saleslady to being a customer service

What qualities might be required for a job as a customer service manager?

Customer Service Managers deal with customers or potential customers for a business. One of the most important qualities of a customer service manager is the ability to deal with people effectively. If you are not a "people person", being a customer service manager is not for you.

Elements of good customer service?

One element of good customer service is courtesy. Simply being polite and friendly can diffuse even the most heinous customer service situation, so always wear a smile.

Describe what customer service means to you?

excellent customer service to me is being attentive to the customers needs, smile, call other stores, being personable and upbeat, going the extra mile, and ALWAYS asking the customer questions before they ask you.

What situations and practices might provide easy traps for inferior customer service?

Being understaffed on a busy day could mean that customer service suffers when unique and unexpected customer needs arise. Customer Service Reps who are not well-trained or who have an "I don't care" attitude might be prone to provide inferior customer service.

Work Customer Service and Help People Solve Problems?

Most people work customer service for an organization. They are representatives who provide information about a company's products or services. Taking orders, handling returns and dealing with customer complaints are often part of the job.Customer Service DutiesBeing a customer service representative means dealing with people. They listen to customers and help them solve problems. Often they will have access to a customer's account so that they can make adjustments and provide accurate and current information.Many of the questions that will be answered by a customer service representative are common. Oftentimes businesses provide guidelines and answers to these frequently encountered requests.Typical duties of a customer service representative include:Providing information about services and productsMaking changes to a customer's accountListening to customer's concerns and respondingTaking ordersHandling complaints and returnsAssisting with paymentsKeeping a record of customer calls and contactsResearching solutionsReferring to a supervisor as neededPeople going into this field will need to have good communication skills. They need to interact well with many different types of personalities. Patience and problem solving skills are necessary.CompensationThe average pay for a customer service representative is around $14.64 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay ranges from minimum wage to a high of $23.71 per hour. The highest pay is in the wholesale trade area.Becoming a Customer Service RepresentativeMost of the time customer service representatives are trained on the job. This training is anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. Some highly skilled areas may require an associate's or bachelor's degree but most of the time a high school diploma is all that is needed.Job OutlookAlmost every industry needs customer service representatives. These include businesses such as banks, retail stores, phone companies and many more.Growth is expected to be about average. Many businesses are focusing on improving customer service; this will lead to an increase in hiring. Even though technologies like automated-voice response systems are common, job prospects can expect a good selection of jobs.If you are a good listener, communicator and love people, being a customer service representative may be the job you are looking for.

What does good customer service involves?

Good customer service involves being knowledgeable and willing to help the customer. It also involves understanding the customer's needs and resolving any problems they may have.

What is post sales service strategy?

the service expected by a customer and service delivered by d management after the sale being done!

What are the most important elements of customer service?

Being a nick employee

How can poor customer service affect staff?

it makes the staff imbarresd n annoyed because theyre being represented by a awful customer service staff

Describe the best customer service you received?

When you are asked to describe the best customer service you received, you should mention when were served in a befitting manner as a customer. This may be getting after sales service, being advised on what to buy and so much more.

Can a restaurant owner refuse service to a customer?

A restaurant owner can refuse service to a customer if the owner has a good reason for refusing service, such as, the customer is being abusive (shouting at a waiter for example) or has a past record of not paying for his or her food. If, however, service is refused because of racial discrimination, that is illegal.