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How do you answer 'What do you like best about your company' in a job interview?

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December 15, 2005 1:53PM

You tell them you enjoy the two-hour lunches they give you. No, not really. But you would be wise to choose some points that reflect the interviewer's company and indicate you like to work. For instance, I've found a good response is, "One of the aspects of my current employer I've enjoyed is their progressive environment. I'm constantly challenged to find new approaches and better solutions and I enjoy exercising my creative experience that way." Of course, they'll then ask you why you're leaving your current employer. A good response will indicate that your employer is lacking in an area in which you know your prospective employer excells. For instance, "I've enjoyed improving my skills and utilizing my experience with XYZ, Inc., but I have a keen interest in multimedia possibilities and my company isn't headed in that direction at this time." If the prospective employer is involved with mutlimedia efforts, you've just indicated a similar career direction.