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Try something like: "I try to take criticism constructively, and use it to improve. One example is ..." Think of an example " A manager told me my desk was cluttered. I took an extra five minutes each day to organize the desk."

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2006-04-04 11:24:35
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Q: How do you answer 'What have you been criticized for and how did you react to it' in a job interview?
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How people might feel before a job interview?

Depends really many people react differently. If its a job that you know you can do well then you might be quite confident in the interview. But if you have never been to one before then it can be quite nerve-racking.

What does it mean when the status in your job application is "considered for interview"?

That you have been considered for an interview.

How do you answer 'What are you often criticised for and how do you react' at a job interview?

That is the *pure and simple truth and it is the *easiest and *best way to answer that question.

Transit job interview questions?

Sample questions for a transit job interview include 'why do you want this job', 'what are your expectations', 'for how long have you been on the road', and many others.

What is post interview?

A Post interview is the period which the job seeker undergoes after a certain job interview has been done. This usually entails the waiting time or the second interview if ever they pass the initial screening of applicants.

How do you react to criticism and how do you react?

In a job interview, convey your reactions to criticism as a positive one. Discuss how you take the criticism and use it as a way to grow and become better in the trade.

How do you answer 'When did you show good leadership' in a job interview?

At an interview you show good leadership' in a job at the beginning of the job interview.

why do you have an interview but job is still posted?

The position hasn't been filled yet. The interview does not guarantee you'll be the one they hire.

What to say when you were asked when you are available for job interview?

You answer with when you can come to a job interview.

Should you go to a job interview if the job requires you to be bilingual but you are not bilingual?

You should not go to a job interview if the job requires you to be bilingual and you are not. There may be a portion of the interview where you speak the language you are unable to and will most likely fail the interview.

What are the benefits of a job interview?

The benefit of a job interview is to have sex with your boss hopefully you get hired.

Should you study for a job interview?

you could study for a job interview if you want to, but i would if you really want the job.

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