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I have studied polymer properties, polymer chemicals, etc.

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Q: How do you answer 'What have you done in the past to improve yourself' in a job interview?
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What have you done to improve yourself during the past year?

What you have done to up grade yourself, own personality, knowledge, I.Q etc.

What is the past participle of interview?

Interviewed is the past participle of interview.

What is the past tense of improve?

The past tense of improve is improved.

What can you do to improve the past to the present?

you cant improve the past because its in the past... dont worry about the past.. worry about the present and your future..... (:

What have you done to improve your knowledge during the past year?

I have been enrolled in an English proficiency training school of tesda

How can you gain self esteem?

tell yourself you can do well everyday. Refrsh on what you have done well in the past

Have you ever done this type of job before in asked in an interview?

Answer If you have done that type of job before tell the Interviewer you have done it and if you left because of the job, tell them why. The worst thing a perspective employee can do in an interview is lie about something he or she has done in the past. Remember, lies always catch up with you, one way or another.

What is the past tense of interview?


What the past tense of interview?


What is the past and past participle of improve?


How should you answer the question 'how would you describe yourself' in a job interview?

It depends on what job you are going for, if you want to be a car salesman think of something in the past and say it.

How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a member of a team?

The best way to respond to this question in an interview is to give examples from your past experiences. Expound on a situation where you successfully worked on a team in the past.

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