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Think of a situation (incident) or a skills that you do not have. Explain it as an Obstacle to progressingt further and then identify the specific things that you did to overcome this. e.g. lack of skills, when home and read up on it, asked a more experience staff member what they would do. I didn't handle a customer on the phone very well, asked a more experience staff member how I could have turned that situaition around. Practiced on the next customer and was amazed at the results. Do not, name a "Person", e.g. Boss or another staff member as an obstacle. Tends to suggest that you may not be a good team player, hence the recommendation that you use situation or skills.

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2007-06-02 22:30:33
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Q: How do you answer 'What is an obstacle you found in your previous job and how did you solve that problem' in a job interview?
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