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How do you answer 'What is your management style' in a job interview?

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2006-12-30 20:55:35

Companies often want to know your management style to see if

your style is compatible with the perceived "style" of the company

or the demands of a specific job. The best way to think about style

is to imagine that there is an infinite number of ways to manage

people. On the extreme of control is the manager who tells the

subordinate each and every step to perform while reviewing the

completion of each step before the next step is even communicated.

Closing a door becomes: 1.Walk slowly to the door in the middle of

the west wall of this room.(Check to see if it is done correctly.)

2.Grasp the edge of the door farthest from the hinges.(Check to see

if it is done correctly.) 3.Slowly move the door towards the door

frame.(Check to see if it is done correctly.) 4.Push the door until

it latches.(Check to see if it is done correctly.) On the other

extreme is no control with absolute trust that the employee will

perform the task correctly. The door example becomes: No

instruction necessary, the employee will close the door when

necessary. So, the correct answer will depend upon the company and

the job. The correct way to manage is to manage so that you

maximize the value of the resource (employee) to get the job done.

Some people will require extreme control, others less and some

almost no control. The manager must be wise enough to manage each

employee in the way that allows them to perform to the best of

their ability.

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