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How do you answer 'What makes you qualified for this position' in a job interview?

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I believe that I'm the best person for the job. I realize that there are others who have the ability to do this job. I also have the ability. But I also bring an additional quality that makes me the very best person for the job.
I have the skill to do the job.
describe why you believe you are qualified for this position
Describe what makes you qualified for the job any job like blockbuster

2012-04-13 20:58:01
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Q: How do you answer 'What makes you qualified for this position' in a job interview?
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What makes you qualified for the position?

Describe what makes you qualified for the job any job like blockbuster It makes me qualified to this job upon knowledge and experience

What are you qualifications in a job interview?

what makes your qualified to that specific job. examples: schooling, work experience, ect.

State why you believe you are qualified for the position?

The interview process may request you to state why you are qualified for the position. Try to relate any aspect of your past experience to a talent the current job requires.

What makes you the perfect candidate for this position?

During a job interview you might be asked what makes you the perfect candidate for this position. You could talk about your experience.

Why you feel you are suitable for this position?

People during a job interview feel suitable for a position for a variety of reasons. They may feel qualified because they have experience, education, or both.

What is possible question during job interview about Management trainee?

What makes you the right person for this position

What if you are not qualified for the job but want to say thank you for the interview?


How you do your job interview to become qualified as a promodiser?

Job interviews do not give you qualifications. Qualifications are obtained by assessment and examination. This may take the form, in part, of an interview but it would not be a job interview.

Answering the why you job interview question?

Answer Hopefully you have gone to an interview prepared for almost any question. If an employer asks why you? Simply tell them that you think you are very qualified to do this job and give them the reasons you are qualified to do this job.

Why do you think you are qualified for such position?

You will have to answer this one yourself. If you cannot think of why you are qualified for whatever position it is, then you probably should not apply for the job. Pick a job that you will be good at.

If you have an phone interview for a government job does that mean you have the position?

No...just means you had a interview.

What makes you a good fit for this position?

Oftentimes, during a job interview, the hiring manager will ask a candidate why he is a good fit for the position. The candidate should answer with their experience, their reasons for wanting the job, and emphasizing how much they desire the position.

Why is an interview important?

an interview is important because the employer needs to know if the employee is good/qualified to do that particular job

Interview question why would you be a good fit for this job?

Becuase I am well qualified

What is the difference between an Informational interview and a job job interview?

Simply, an informational interview is one that asks basic information about the applicant while a job interview is more of an elimination interview where the interviewers will see if you have what it takes for the position that is vacant in the company.

What make you qualify in this position?

When you are asked in a job interview what makes you qualify for the position, you should sell yourself. Highlight all your qualifications and the relevant experience that you have gained over the years.

Why did you apply for this position' in a job interview?

Explain what attracted you to apply for the job/position , explain your personal qualities that will help you succeed in the position, why the position interests you, and why you deserve the position.

What makes you qualified for this job?

My intense thinker pose

What are the questions employers like to ask during a job interview?

Depends on the employer and the job you are seeking for. Usually, the employer makes questions to know if you are qualified to the position offered by the enterprise. The more you match to the post, the more are your chances. So, be sure that your skills are appropriate to the job you want. If you master the post nothing to fear. Remember that questions vary, but they are simples.

What is a selection interview?

A selection interview is part of the hiring process by which employers screen potential candidates for a job position by recognizing who of them really are interested in the job and who aren't. The main purpose of this kind of interview is to give the candidate information about the job and the company and to assesses the prospect suitability for the position.

How hard is it to get a job in a well known company?

if you're qualified and interview well, not hard at all

What would you say to 'Describe your current position' in a job interview?

There are a number of things you could say to describe your current position in a job interview. You could say you are not employed for example.

How important is a good resume in landing you the job you want?

Besides the interview, and a cover letter, a good resume is the MOST IMPORTANT factor in landing you the job you want. You see, with a good resume, you are in essence showcasing your skills and unique qualifications and explaining (by example) how qualified you are in comparison to other applicants. With your resume, you show that you're qualified, reliable, knowledgeable about the job and can handle it, and much more. During the interview, you showcase your skills even more. So, the resume and interview are extremely important in securing the position.

Why you believe you are a qualified candidate for this position?

When you are asked why you are qualified for a position it is best to make a positive comment. This comment should relate your skills and experience to the job requirements.

What brings you to this interview?

I heard/saw you are hiring. I am interested in this job position.