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How do you answer 'Why have you applied for this position' in an interview?

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be honest, they should hire you because you are a hard working person, goal oriented aside from your working experience. As much as possible you should research about the company.

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Why have you applied for this position and what can you offer the ladbrokes?

"Why have you applied for this position and what can you offer Ladbrokes?" are two popular questions that job candidates may be asked at an interview with Ladbrokes. A prospective employer would ask these so that he can easier judge if you are the right person for the job.

Why you apply this job?

During a job interview, the interviewer may ask you why you applied for the position. You do not want to state the obvious, such as for income to support a family. What employers want to know if what about the particular position appeals to you.

Why have you applied for this position and why should you be the person to get the job?

Why have you applied for this position and why should you be the person to get the job?

Correct grammar of position applied for?

Use "the position for which I applied." Never end a sentence with a preposition.

If you have an phone interview for a government job does that mean you have the position?

No...just means you had a interview.

Why are you applying for the Supervisor position?

In a job interview be prepared to answer questions that relate to the job being sought. If seeking a position as a supervisor, be prepared to give reasons why the positions is being applied for. Knowing why will give the interviewer a better understanding of the person being interviewed, and if the person is right for the position.

Interview for immigration service officers position?

Interview tips for immigration service officer?

Become an anesthesiologist tech assistant?

I just applied for a position as an Anesthesiologist tech. My present job is a Cardiac Tech.(ECG Tech). Anyways, I have an interview in a few weeks. If I get it I will post more.

How do you close an interview for a sales position?

Is there any reason why you would not hire me for this position?

Tell me about yourself - interview - office coordinator?

How do I answer this question. Should I begin by saying After receiving my diploma from college, I worked as Secreatry, Manager for 2 years. After, I applied for the position as Administrative Assistant, to Director. Later applied for Office Coordinator, to Director

Interview questions for material management position?


How can I get a job with Smithsonian?

One will have to submit a resume and application for the position that is being applied for. There is also a test that one takes to ensure that the applicant is qualified. The test scores are reviewed and if successful one will be given an interview.

What is your understanding of the position you have applied for?

You may be asked your understanding of the position you applied for when being interviewed for a job. Plan ahead and be ready for these types of questions.

How do you answer 'What do you like best in this position' in a job interview?

this position is the key of life .it give me a lot of knowledge about interview.a persons who give a lot of interview he will teach somthing

Why are you interested in a position at Bright Horizons?

When you are asked why you are interested in a position at Bright Horizons during an interview, you should be categorical. You need to show the interview what you have to offer to the company to make it better.

What prompted you to apply for a position at hollands terrance group home?

I have not applied for this position.

What should you do as an interviewer in each stage to help to ensure a successfu interview?

As an interviewer, a person is faced with choosing the best person for a position from an array of applicants, each with different personalities, experiences, and goals. The best method to ensure a successful process is to select interviewees who best fit the profile for the position through experience and background. After selecting who to interview, ask the interviewee, among the standard questions, why they want that position and how they see themselves fitting into the role for which they applied.

How do you answer 'why this position' in a job interview?

Typically, the answer to "why are you interested in this position" would be, I feel that it suits my qualifications.

Why did you apply for this position' in a job interview?

Explain what attracted you to apply for the job/position , explain your personal qualities that will help you succeed in the position, why the position interests you, and why you deserve the position.

What to wear to an open interview?

You should dress in a business casual fashion to an ordinary open interview. If an open interview is for a prestigious position you should wear formal clothing.

why do you have an interview but job is still posted?

The position hasn't been filled yet. The interview does not guarantee you'll be the one they hire.

What is the difference between an Informational interview and a job job interview?

Simply, an informational interview is one that asks basic information about the applicant while a job interview is more of an elimination interview where the interviewers will see if you have what it takes for the position that is vacant in the company.

What would you say to 'Describe your current position' in a job interview?

There are a number of things you could say to describe your current position in a job interview. You could say you are not employed for example.

What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?

When answering this question during an interview you should focus on things that are relative to the position you are applying for. Do some research about the company and the position before you go to your interview.

Basic interview questions?

Many interviewers ask about family background, number of people in the family, their occupation, education, your education, areas of interest, hobbies, short term goals, long term goals of career, why you have applied for this position and why do you think we should hire you are some of the basic questions asked by the employers in the interview.