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How do you answer if an interviewer asks why you want to change your career?


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"Because this one seems so much better."


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I did not pursue beauty as a career.The interviewer does not want to know what someone else thinks - they want YOU to tell them why you are interested in beauty as a career. This isn't something you can cheat on and get a job.

The interviewer wants to know your reasons, not ours. Just let them know why you want to work for them.

It is a part of life, every one wants to change new challenge. And they want their life to be move on or improve of their knowledge to be high level as human being, like a proverb stated that "Humans always need to develop" Tell HIM THE TRUTH I want better pay and better opportunity

Honestly!When an interviewer asks you an opinion question, he does not want to know what somebody else thinks -- he wants to know what you think.

When an interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, they want to hear professional accomplishments. Never answer that question with personal information. You can start by making a BRIEF synopsis from your education until now through your career and focus on what you have most recently accomplished at your current company. This is a good article that outlines exactly what an interviewer is actually asking when they ask questions like this. Take a look, I hope it's helpful to you.

When asked what your career objectives are you want to tie them back to the position. Let the interviewer know that you plan to remain with the company and progress up the ladder.

If an interviewer asks you this question you must highlight successful team projects. You want to make sure you share how you contributed to the success of the team.

the final interview is the final round interview, in which the interviewer asks all that he or she may want, and is the last step before the person is hired by the company.

Bpo is the business process outsourcessing.because bpo always give the good opprotunities to his good salary,like cab facilites and also i have seen the environment of bpo. it is good to any body. any one can spend his career in the bpo.

well i just feel for a change and want to do something better

When you are asked about your career ambitions in a job interview, the interviewer wants to know what your goals are. For example, you may want to make manager within a year, or you may want to move up to lead tech within six months.

If a job interviewer asks why you applied with the company, state the truth. State that you seek a job that you can utilize your skills. Then state which specific skill you want to use.

Be honest. Why do you want to pursue management as a career?The interviewer wants to know that you'll be a good fit for the job. Part of that just means knowing that you won't find the job unsatisfying. A good worker is a happy worker. They want to know why pursuing a career in management will make you happy.

When an interviewer asks you "Why should I consider you for this job?" they want to know what you can do for the company that no other candidate can do. Think about it from the interviewers perspective - they want to know what your contribution to the company will be. Some people may start listing their own accomplishments, but the interviewer doesn't want someone with a great resume, they want someone who is going to make a difference at the company.

When an interviewer asks what your long term plan is, he or she wants to know where you want to be in the future. They are also interested in the steps that you intend to take in order to fulfill your long term plan.

Write as best as you can making sure you thoroughly answer the question or topic the college asks without using the thesaurus for every other word to avoid using words you have never heard of (if there is an interview, you would not want to be clueless if the interviewer asks you about your paper).

They want to know what you are thinking about that relationship or what they would change or do in that relationship.

Explain why you want to be a teacher and explain how you will do a good job.Its the best choice.And if u dont really want to be much of a teacher just say some stuff that will make you not pass. " Given the sense of importance of this 'career field'; it has always made me want to be - "your career" and now to be a "this job", because I can't think of any other job-career that is so important to society. Read further in the related links:

1. They hate their current career; 2. They want to try new things; 3. They want to test themsleves; 4. They want to acquire new experience; 5. Market changed.

You want to answer this question honestly and confidently. It is best if your examples are career related. That gives the interviewer an opportunity to more accurately assess if you are a good fit for their company or business.

i do career in management because i want to do something and make my career

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