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Think about the job requirements itself, and describe your characteristics that match with what is required. E.g. if it is a job where you are required to talk to the general public, point out that you are not shy. If you have examples, by all means give them. Think about what you have done in various clubs you've been involved: drama club or debating team helps to prove you aren't shy about speaking in public. Coin or stamp collecting helps to prove you are organized.

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Q: How do you answer if asked 'Why do you feel you are suitable for this role'?
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How do you approach the question Why do you think you are suitable for the role?

You may be asked to describe why you think you are suitable for the role. Know the core responsibilities of the role and detail your abilities according to these.

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You may be asked in a job interview why you feel you would be suitable for a commercial banking position. You will want to give some thought to why you want to pursue this field and be ready to answer that question with your skills.

Why you feel you are suitable for this position?

People during a job interview feel suitable for a position for a variety of reasons. They may feel qualified because they have experience, education, or both.

How would you apply your skills to this role?

Depend what role it is, if you have skills suitable for this role recite all your skills which match this role.

Why you're a suitable candidate for this role?

Because i believe i can do it

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Because clothes look good on me.

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good at displaying product sorting ends

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I am an organized and energized person. I feel I can be helpful if some one comes in to buy an outfit for a special occasion, etc. I don't mind stocking and keep the racks straightened out.

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i asked the question so why am i being asked to answer the question? *confused*

Why are you suitable for this role?

When an employer asks why you are suitable for a job with their company it is a chance for you to show why you are a good fit with the organization. You must be able to describe how your experience and background enables you to be a suitable candidate for the position.

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