How do you answer the interview question 'Can you please tell us about yourself'?

Tell them about yourself! I suggest you go into the interview with a few "talking points" about yourself, in other words things you want the interviewer to know about you. Then you try to hit those points in response to any questions you are asked, such as "tell us about yourself." Also be sure to have copies of your resume with you and offer them. In general, interviews go better when you spend them listening and don't talk. If the interviewer is just telling you about the job, you might have a good shot at it. This is the chance for you to run down a 30-60 second sales pitch for yourself. The employer doesn't want to know that you like gardening or have four dogs. Here's where you start usually with your education and highlight selling points about your skills, experience and goals. A sample presentation might go something like, "Well, I graduated from Columbia with a Degree in accounting, which I put to use in my first job with The Smith Company. After gaining a thorough understanding of business accounting there, I began to specialize in cost reduction with The Jones Company. During my time there, I was able to restructure the materials spending budget and reduce purchasing costs by 23% in one year. I find that my understanding of accounting principles and my determination to continually improve processes and myself has help me establish an excellent foundation for future growth with a progressive company." I know it sounds like BS, but with personal touches, it actually works.