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How do you answer the job application question How did you learn about the vacancy notification from our company?


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November 15, 2016 4:00AM

You answer it honestly; it is not a trick question.

Possible answers to, "How did you learn about the vacancy notification from our company?" might include:

  1. My Mom / Dad / some other relative works in another department and saw the notice.
  2. My mom / dad heard you were hiring and told me.
  3. I saw your hiring notice at a Job Fair.
  4. A job counselor said he thought your company is hiring new people.
  5. I saw your flyer at the grocery store.
  6. I noticed your advertisement on television.
  7. i read you hiring notice in the Classified section of the newspaper.
  8. I saw your flyer on the library's bulletin board.
  9. I got a letter from your mail campaign and inquired about a job.
  10. I wanted to work here so I called Human Resources to see if the company is currently hiring.
  11. I wanted to work here so I submitted my resume in hopes that you are hiring.
  12. I just moved to town and asked at several businesses if they knew what companies are hiring in town for graphic design work. XYYZZ Printers suggested your graphic design company; they said they had a contract with you and they have high praise of your agency.

However you found out the business is hiring, make your story upbeat and flattering (to the company). Using "word of mouth" from others, especially other businesses, gives the company feedback about their reputation in the community. Information about Ads tells them how well their HR marketing is doing. AND your story tells a lot about YOU--especially if you include details about WHAT attracted you to applying for the job. For example:

I noticed your flyer on the library's bulletin board. As I was reading it, the Reference Librarian stopped and we got to chatting about the history of your company. It turns out both of us had uncles who worked in your company many years ago. We both heard positive comments about not only the jobs but how the company encourages its workers to use their design skills. Though I just graduated from college, I think your company will be a great place for me to begin and to grow into my career.