How do you answer the question 'What are the benefits of hiring you over someone else' in a job interview?

This is one of many questions that will fall under 'selling yourself', so sell yourself. Use generic terms - but often a brief explanation. Problem Solver - I saved my last company X amount of dollars by changing a few processes. Leader - I motivated the staff around me to recordbreaking sales Team Player - I managed a team that was #1. If you don't have examples, you can still use those terms - and apply them in any part in life applicable. School, family, church, etc. They are looking for personal attributes - not just job experience. Leader - I started the 1st ever bake sale for my church. When they ask a question such as why you over someone else. Take it very humble. stating that I'm sure others may bring wonderful traits to the table, and that what seperates you is x,y,z mentoned above.