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How organized, and well put-togeather you are. YOu want to highlight your punctuality, abilty to get along with others, abilty to be self-motivated & how little direction and/or guidence you need to accomplish a task, and that you are very task and goal oriented. That type of position is very self governing. You would have very little supervision (if the supervisor knows anything about anything - they wont micro-manage you- and allow you to do your job. You want to make it seem like you can be a step ahead of the next guy, without being egostystical and smug. It has to seem effortless and like you completely enjoy the heavy responsiblity of being totally depended upon by your superior. because in reality YOU will be the one who knows the entire ins and outs of whats going on in any given day. Good luck & hope that helps!

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Q: How do you answer when asked about what you can contribute to a job or position as a clerk or secretary?
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Why are you interested in purchase ledger clerk position?

If you are asked about why you're interested in the purchase ledger clerk position, you would talk about what excites you about the position and the opportunity. You could also mention any relevant skills you have that would make you a good choice for the job.

Are there any synonyms for clerk?

secretary is the closes thing to clerk. Clerk typists are now called administrative assistants.

What is a synonym for scribe?

secretary, clerk, transcriber

Why you choose the position of a inventory clerk?

A person may choose a position as an inventory clerk, because they enjoy organizing products. They may also choose this position because like the hours that an inventory clerk works.

Is the service clerk job position the same as a stock clerk?

yes they are.

Who is the state's chief clerk and record keeper?

secretary of state

What is The term of office of the UN Secretary-General?

peace clerk

Which general staff position prepares and documents?

An administrative assistant or office manager usually prepares documents. Also a file clerk or receptionist may be asked to do this job.

Describe your personal qualities that suit the requirements of this position as accounting clerk?

When asked this question you should focus on your ability to computer numbers accurately and your ability to communicate effectively. As an accounting clerk you will be responsible for talking to representatives in other company's accounting department.

Do you have dear mr. Henshaw Alice ask the clerk?

" Do you have dear Mr. Henshaw? " Alice asked the clerk.

Physics related question asked in a bank clerk interview?

which type of question asked for a physics student in syndicate bank clerk interview held on 26-9-2012

Who is an account clerk?

An accounting clerk can have many roles within an accounting department. A clerk can be responsible for receivables, payables, and billing. The clerk is usually the lowest ranking accounting position.

What is the definition of the word scribe?

scrivener, a secretary, clerk or copyist, a writer or author

How did James Clerk Maxwell contribute to the atomic theory?

He developed the "ELECTOMAGNETISM"

What rhymes with scarves?

carves starves I discovered that the answer may depend on where you live. When I was living in Massachusetts, I asked a clerk where I could find some "cigars". She turned to another clerk and asked where were the cigars ---pronouncing it as one-syllable and using short vowels. The other clerk thought she asked for "scarves"---which they pronounced using a long "a" sound.

Who were Silvio Berlusconi's parents?

Son of Luigi (bank clerk) and Rosella (secretary) Berlusconi

What is the description for an accounts payable position?

An accounts payable position is called a Purchase Ledger Clerk

How much does a secretary unit clerk with no experience get paid?

I just got offered a job as a unit clerk in a children's hospital, no experience, and I make about 22.50 an hour

Where is the office of the secretary city located?

The office of the secretary is located in City Hall. Hence, whatever city one is in, the office of the secretary can be located at City Hall. The title of Office Secretary is a posh name for a clerk and typically records the works of the city.

Will Kroger hire teenagers in southern California?

They will but very rarely for clerk position's. usually you are a courtesy clerk for about 6 months.

What was Biff's position at Bill Oliver's store when he was a boy?

Biff's position was a shipping clerk.

How much does a postal clerk make?

This position, a Canadian Postal Clerk at Canada Post, starts off at $23.72/hour (as at 2011).

Can you give the example of recruitment and selection plan for the position of accounts clerk?

An accounts clerk is not a major position in a company. The recruitment can take place on online job boards and then interviews can be chosen from the candidates. You can then choose your candidate and hire them.

What position has the responsibility of running day to day operations of the house of reps?


How do you use the word fancy In a question?

The clerk asked, "Do you prefer a simple gown or a fancy one?"