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You can apply for most frequent flyer programs on the airline's web site.

Be sure to present your frequent flyer card when you check in for each flight, because sometimes it can be a hassle to get credit for miles retroactively.

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2008-12-21 04:47:42
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Q: How do you apply for frequent flier miles on Air France and Delta?
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How should you apply for frequent flyer?

The best way to apply for a frequent flier number is through the airlines website.

What is a delta card?

A Delta card can be a Delta American Express Card. this will earn frequent flier miles when used to purchase goods, services and flights. A Delta card can also be a Frequent Flier card for Delta airlines. This can be an ordinary one or have various Medallion Status such as Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

What is your current frequent flier miles status?

I am Platinum Medallion on Delta Airlines and very close to Diamond.

How many airmiles are needed to fly from Detroit to phoenix return?

Delta Airlines will do this trip for 25,000 Frequent Flier miles.

Does an AMEX card offer frequent flyer miles as a loyalty reward?

Yes, AMEX are heavily involved with frequent flier programs. They have a very strong agreement with Delta airlines.

What banks provide Delta credit cards?

Delta credit cards are available at many banks. As long as your bank do business with American Express. Delta credit cards are used with the idea of collecting frequent flier miles.

If there a discount if one books tickets on

It depends on if you are a frequent flier , or a new flier. So if you can lie and say you are a new flier, or you can sign up for there frequent fliers card and get the discounts the long way.

What is your united frequent flier number?

John DeLee

How can you retrieve your klm frequent flyer number?

How can i retrieve my KLM frequent flier number

How many sky miles do I have with American Airlines?

None. If you have Sky Miles, you must be enrolled with Delta's frequent flier program. American Airlines frequent flier program is called AAdvantage. If you are a member of AAdvantage and want to know how many AAdvantage miles you have, call 1-800-433-7300, or sign in to your account online.

How many miles does memberNW505042392 have left now in the WorldPerks Mileage Program?

In theory - ZERO - World Perks no longer exists and was taken over by Delta's frequent flier program

How do people from England get frequent flier miles?

I am from England but live in the USA. I travel frequently. Enroll in one or more airlines frequent flier program and book on their wenbsite and you will start accruing frequent flyer miles

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