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How do you apply for help paying your rent?

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2007-07-06 13:50:27

Well, you can get a roommate or two instead of going on the

state rolls, which by the way takes a long time. There are people

ahead of you on a program called section 8 in the thousands, and

wait up to 3 years to get assistance, go down to the local housing

authority and see what they can do for you and in the mean time,

roommates sound like a quicker/easier answer to your financial

issue. take a 8.00 ad out in the paper for exactly the type of

roommate you need. Like young professional,nonsmoker needed to

share apartment, split all bills, no dogs, children, quiet. However

you would like to state it, get it in writing and notarized and get

a deposit of 1st and last so your not stuck if they leave.....

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