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Just be yourself. If she's into you.. You'll know.

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Will Greyson Chance like a girl of different race?

Of course sweetie(:

Do the Jonas brothers care about race on a girl?

i am sure they dont, they have friends of all different races

How did you guess at each person race?

Usually, if I am interested in their race, I examine their facial features.

Why did a number of different formula one drivers approach Commentator Murray Walker and ask him NOT to mention their names whilst commentating on a race?

Commentator's Curse

What do you do if you are in love with a girl of a different race and she does not like your race?

Move on *She shouldn't be all racist and stuff but just try. Be your self. I'm a girl, I should know. If she "hates" your race and you like her, there is still a possibility that you are an exception. :) Just try it. Maybe she'll come around...

Do girls prefer white or black?

It depends on the girl in question. Some still prefer members of their own race. Some have a preference for those outside their own race. Then most really don't have a preference and are more interested in the interests and character traits of the specific person, not their race.

The fastest way to get a girl off?

It isn't a race -- going too fast will turn a lot of women off! The best approach is to ask her what she would like and hope it turns you on, too.

Where is Brands Hatch race track?

I am a an F1 fan, why the cloak and dagger approach???

How do you get a white boy to like you if you are black?

Forget about skin color. White boys are no different than boys of any other race. If you treat one with kindness, he should reciprocate. If you are interested in romance, similarly, flirt with him as you would flirt with any other boy, usually by being interested in what he's interested in.

What is the smallest race on earth?

The smallest race on earth is the smallect race in aroura. Love, A girl named Sophia yovan

How do you get a Chinese girlfriend?

Well I'm chinese but I don't think it matters if your a different race or not... Anyways, just be yourself around the girl you like. DON'T EVER CHANGE just to get a girl to like you.

Who was the girl who was won in a foot race?


Girl who was won in a foot race?


Who will win a race a girl or a boy?


In a horse race is the horses number always it's post position?

If you are referring to their number in the race, then yes. Obviously, their number will vary from race to race as they have different post positions for different races.

Why are some white guys scared to talk to black or mixed girls when they know they like them and always go with the white girls?

I am a white guy and it is really hard to approach a black/mixed race girl .We get this feeling that we will be turned down. Also the stereotypes of black/mixed race guys into the thuggish guys.

Do the different peoples within the white race have different body smell or are there only different smells between the races?

Different people within the white race do have different body smells. There are different body smells and odors between all different people. Their race has nothing to do with their body smell.

What is a medley race?

# a relay race in which each contestant must cover a different distance # a swimming race in which a different stroke must be used for each length of the pool

Would justin bieber go out with an half italian girl?

certainly race doesn't usually affect relationships anymore people have preferances but it dosnt matter if you are a different race cause we are all humans, unless you are racist which you shouldn't be!

What race is maria the girl wrestler from wwe?


When does a white girl usually get her period?

Race has nothing to do with it.

What is the relationship between gender and race?

i know Gender is if you are a girl or boy / man/ women and race is your nationality

Who plays Dolly Parton in gnomeo and Juliet?

the race girl who says all the rules for the lawnmower race

Who is the girl who plays in race to witch mountain?

the actress who plays the alien girl Sarah with the telekinesis and mind-reading powers in Race to Witch Mountain is AnnaSophia Robb.

Are midgets a different race?


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