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How do you arrange icons on a desktop?


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Right click anywhere on your screen, and choose one of the choices, or left click on them and move them to a spot, then right click and choose Lock so they won't move back when you reboot. I store mine along the left edge of the screen so I can still put up nice screen backgrounds.


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all you have to do is drag it

Did you try right clicking on your desktop and choosing "arrange icons with" and then choosing "show desktop icons"

Your icons will arrange themselves automatically when auto arrange is selected on a Windows PC. You will have to switch off this feature in order to arrange the icons yourself.

Right Click >> Arrange Icons by Check: Lock web items on desktop

Right click on Desktop, Click on Arrange ICON by, Then click on Show Desktop icons, CLOSE. By MURALI RAO(NAGPUR)

Aside from manually deleting the shortcuts and icons on your desktop (the Recycle Bin cannot be deleted): you can right-click the background, find "Arrange Icons By" and press "Show Desktop Icons". This'll hide all the existing icons, so if you press "Show Desktop Icons again, they'll all return.

This depends on which operating system you're running, but the steps are similar using the different versions of Microsoft Windows. Windows 7: Right-click on the desktop, point to the View menu, then select "Auto arrange icons".

my desktop icons do not open

Presuming Windows operating system, there is a right-click option when you poke on the desktop. If auto arrange is disabled, the icons can be located by drag and drop.

You arrange your desktop

Right Click Your Desktop Select View Untick Show Desktop Icons

There are several permanent desktop icons. The computer, my documents and recycle bin are the common ones. However, you can also customize other icons to make them permanent on your desktop.

This is a default setting for most computers. It's purpose is to arrange your icons in a way that makes them easier to find. They don't always make it easy, however. To make icons go where you want them to go, minimize all applications. Then, right-click on the desktop. You should get a menu. The top item is "Arrange Icons By." Clicking on it brings up a second menu. It looks like this. Name Size Type Modified ---------- Show in groups (usually grayed out) Auto arrange Align to grid ---------- ... If you don't want your icons to sort themselves, uncheck "Auto arrange." If you want them to go anywhere on the screen, get to this menu again and uncheck "Align to grid" if it isn't already.

"" Um.... I can see my icons. They're in front of me.You might want to rephrase your question, and add more detail. If you are referring to the icons on your desktop, right-click on the desktop > Arrange Icons By > Show Desktop Icons. If you are referring to seeing the large icons in folders, click on the View menu (Or hold ALT and press V), and select either Thumbnails or Icons, depending on what you are looking for. If you are referring to something else, then you need to be WAY more specific. Also include the version of whatever operating system you are using.

If there is no space on the desktop for icons, the icons will run off the screen. Thus the icons will not be displayed. If you use up the space, you could delete icons you don't use, resize the icons, increase the screen resolution, or create a folder on the desktop to move your less commonly used icons to.

in my opinion the icons are stored on the desktop

Don't know if you are talking about any specific application but to view desktop icons, right click on desktop go to 'view' and select/check (if unchecked) 'show desktop icons'.

your screen refreshes when you close a program causing your desktop icons to flicker

Right click on an empty space on the desktop, go to "View" & click on "Small Icons"

Right click on desktop go to 'view' option and there you will see 'show desktop icons', select that and icons should appear.

The icons on a desktop are referred to as APPS or shortcuts.

Most likely the problem is that your display properties are set to Auto Arrange.# Right-click on any blank spot on the Desktop # At Arrange icons by... check to make sure Auto Arrange is not checked. # If it is checked, uncheck it. # Then, OK out and move your icon. # It should stay where you place it on the Desktop.

The basic icons on the desktop are documents, recycle bin and computer. You may include any other icon that you may desire on the desktop.

Icons can be dragged with the mouse. If you have so many icons on your desktop that there is no room for them all without overlapping, you should review them to see if you really need that many.

you might have the desktop settings so that your icons are gridded or fixed and they go back to their original positions instead of where you move them. to fix this, right-click on your screen and un-check "auto-arrange" and/or "align with grid".

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