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Aimez-vous le pain perdu?
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How do you spell French toast in French?

In France: Pain grillé In Canada: Pain doré Pain grille is simply 'toast'. Un pain grille is 'a piece oftoast'. Pain perdu is equivalent to what Americans call Frenchtoast. It differs in that it may be baked, like a cake. The name'pain perdu' means 'lost bread'. That's because it's a way to ( Full Answer )

Is French toast French?

The name was not given to the recipe by the French but the actual recipe dates back prior to 16th century in France as it was and still is called "pain perdu" or lost bread. It was a way of using bread that had gone stale and would otherwise perhaps be thrown away. Stale bread, eggs and milk have be ( Full Answer )

Do French people serve French toast?

Yes they do, but differently. Everyone has a different variety of how they eat their French toast. French toast originated as a way to use day-old or stale bread (some breads and especially French bread become stale after one day). Whereas a stale, crunchy bread might seem unappetizing, soaking the ( Full Answer )

How do you make French toast?

Take 2 eggs and beat them into a bowl sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar and vanilla into the bowl take some Texas toast and dunk in the bowl on both sides stick in a pan similar to what you would cook bacon in cook on medium until golden brown throw some powdered sugar and syrup on it and ( Full Answer )

Do you like french toast?

Many people like French toast, which is bread dipped in egg and milk (and other ingredients) then fried in a pan. French toast is available pre-cooked in various forms for the toaster, oven, or microwave.

Does French toast come from France?

French toast is called "pain perdu" ("lost bread") in France whereit is a very old recipe. Basically it was a way of not throwingaway stale bread, by soaking it in a mixture of milk, egg and sugaror honey. The name French toast was given by the English, who observed andadopted the simple recipe, pos ( Full Answer )

What year was French toast made?

this recipe dates back to medieval times, the English might have learned it from the French, and called it "french toast" but in France the name is "Pain perdu" (lost bread)because at the origin it was a dish made by poor people to eat the stale bread

Is French toast really French?

No, it was invented in Belgium. And there were dishes similar to itin ancient times. Since the French buy their bread fresh daily,they do have "pain perdu" or French toast to use the bread whichotherwise they would not eat.

Is French toast really from France?

No and neither are French Windows, French Polish and French Breakfast radishes. . Actually it is French. It's referred to as le pain perdu , or "lost bread." Since French bread is typically made fresh and without preservatives, it only stays for a day or two. Pain perdu was a way of salvaging ( Full Answer )

How do you cook French toast?

French Toast is made by dipping a slice of bread into a mix of a couple of eggs, a bit of milk, and sometimes sugar or cinnamon. The bread is then placed on a hot skillet, and turned once or twice as the bread 'toasts'. Serve with butter and syrup or other toppings of your choice.

What do french people say when they toast?

The classic phrase is "à la santé !" (to health!) which can be shortened to "à la vôtre !" / "à la tienne !" or "santé !" In friendly situations, though, I find that it is more common to say "tchin !" (or "tchin-tchin"), which represents the sound of glasses hitting togeter.

How do you say french toast in Italian?

In Italy we don't eat french toasts, so we don't have a word for it. Some Italian recipebooks refer to it as "French Toast".

How to ask your crush if he likes you in french?

a good sight for translations. can be found if u search "babelfish online translator" into google, select the first option, this translator sound spoetic when translated.. hope this helps

Did the French invent French toast?

To be honest, no one really knows, some say it is from America, others say England and Spain. but ive been researching it and it seems that french toast it actually from Spain! French toast was named after Joesph French the inventer!

How do you make French Toast batter?

1 Put 2 eggs in bowl and 1/4 cup of milk in bowl and whisk. . 2. Add a dash of cinnamon and a spoon of vanilla and whisk again. . 3. Spray skillet with cooking spray and preheat at 350 degrees. . 4. Dip 1 or more pieces of bread on each side. . 5. Put on skillet and flip with spatula when un ( Full Answer )

How do you make french toast sticks?

1. take two eggs and crack them in the bowl, add a splash of milk or lactose free milk.. 2.take a fork and whisk it until completely yellow or at least partially. 3. heat a pan on low or 5 1/2 and put in two pats of butter. 4. lets butter melt all around the pan. 5. take white bread or Texas ( Full Answer )

What is the recipe for french toast?

Cut thick slices of white bread. Beat an egg, add to it a tablespoon of sugar and the seeds of a vanilla pod. Dip bread into egg mixture, until the bread is fully saturated with the mixture. Fry the egg soaked bread until golden brown on both sides.

Facts about french toast?

It wasn't actually made in France. Some think it was discovered in a Italian-Latin recipe book in the 4-5 century: the Apicius, It was simply entitle (translated from Italian) "Another Sweet Dish". In Germany it is called Armer Ritter , which means poor knight. Back in Medieval times the knights di ( Full Answer )

Is French toast made by the French?

French toast is a English-speaking name for a recipe. It is knownas "pain perdu" (literally: lost bread) in France. As a simple andinexpensive recipe, French toast was probably common in allEuropean countries. It is cited in a French recipe book of the 1300s, and a centurylater in an English book, b ( Full Answer )

How much fat in french toast?

Nutrition Facts. Serving Size 2 slices (135.0 g) Amount Per Serving Calories 356 Calories from Fat 169. % Daily Value * Total Fat 18.8g 29% Saturated Fat 7.7g 39% Polyunsaturated Fat 2.4g Monounsaturated Fat 7.1g Cholesterol 116mg 39% Sodium 513mg 21% Total Carbohydrates 36.0g 12% Protein 10.3g. ( Full Answer )

Is French toast actually French?

French toast actually did originate in France, the French peasants used leftover baguettes to make it. Of course, it's been Americanized, so the French toast you're used to probably isn't the same as the original French toast.

Did the French make French toast?

No. .. It is more likely that the recipe dates back to the medieval ages and may have been a logical "invention" by different people , akin to battering and frying any food . .. Supposedly it was originally known in England and America as "German toast" , prior to the First World War , when it was ( Full Answer )

How is french toast healthy?

The only way French Toast could be perceived as healthy is by using multi-grain or whole wheat bread.

How do you toast in French?

you clang you glasses of juice or wine together to celebrate something special or a holiday

How do yo ask what do you like in french?

"Qu'aimer vous?" is a direct translation of "what do you like" whereas if you were trying to tell someone what you liked it would be "J'aime [...]" is a translation of "I like [...]"

Did the French invented French toast?

Yes, the French did invent French toast they also invented French Fries. Ans. 2 The French might well have invented French Fries had not the Belgians beaten them to it. It is noteworthy that although frites are the most popular way of eating potatoes in France, the French are always willing to give ( Full Answer )

What does French toast mean in French?

French toast , in English, means, pain perdu ( lost bread ), in French More Information: When bread would go stale, in order not to waste it, the French would dip slices in a scrambled egg mixture and fry it.

Is French toast - French?

french toast is not typically french .but the french bread called banquette was often served in such a manner.soon many people followed this recipe with all other popular breads available in their region.this is how it got its name

What does french toast taste like?

Well, the french toast tastes egg-like and rather sweet (especially if you add confectioners sugar). Cinnamon is also quite a good topping.

Does Barack Obama like french toast?

I can't answer this question, because I don't know the answer to it. You would have to ask him yourself in person or maybe write the Whitehouse a letter. He might answer it! You never know if you don't try

Which is better pancakes or french toast?

Pancakes are way better than french toast!!!!! Servey shows that 95% of the school like pancakes better than french toast!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that Peach!!!! -Yoshi P.S. Mario like me better!!!

Do like French toast?

Yes, I like french toast a lot. I like it especially with strawberries, eggs, and apple juice.

What are the ingredients for french toast?

French toast recipe for four people: 8 slices of bread half a liter of milk 50 grams of sugar or better, brown sugar, a dose of vanilla-perfumed sugar some butter to fry the bread slices in. Break the eggs in the milk, add the vanilla sugar, whip the whole and soak the bead in it. Fry y ( Full Answer )

How do you make easy french toast?

Recipe for easy french toast:4 slices of bread (your choice) In a square Tupperware pan, break 2 eggs Add 2 heap-full tblps. of brown sugar 1tsp. of Cinnamon 1 tsp. of vanilla Mix all of the above ingredients well (set aside) Place your slices of bread on a napkin and sprinkle both side of your brea ( Full Answer )

Are french fries and French toast French?

French toast: we don't know. The earliest mention of French toast is in a collection of Latin recipes dating back to the 4th or 5th century. Another mention is during the reign of Henry the 5th when it was known as 'pain perdu' in England. Pain perdu is French for "lost bread" - i.e. stale br ( Full Answer )

What are the best french toast recipes?

There are many recipes available on the internet to make french toast. In terms of deciding which is the best, you need to see which ones explains the directions in the simplest form and provides the most detail. In my experience, I have found that the Food Network website provides recipes with exce ( Full Answer )

What do french say when they toast?

A la tienne or a ta sante (if you are familiar) A la votre or a votre sante (if you are not close to the person)

Can dogs eat french toast?

Smaller dogs you probably don't want to feed then human food, but for bigger dogs you can most of the time feed then left over human food

Where did freNCH toast came from?

The earliest known reference is in Apicius, Latin recipes of the 4 th or 5th Centuries, although milk and not egg was suggested. Later a 14th century, there was a German receipt known as Arme Ritter or 'poor knights'. In the 15th Century there was a receipt in England suggesting a similar receipt fo ( Full Answer )

What topping can you put on french toast?

cinnamon and sugar, butter, fresh fruit, and whip cream. Confectioners sugar also makes a nice sweet topper for french toast. hope you like it!

Is French toast a traditional French food?

Yes, French toast is a traditional French food, but the simplicityof the recipe helped it spread and become popular elsewhere. Thefirst written mention of French toast, under its French name, "painperdu" ("lost bread") is from a French recipe book of the 1300s. Inthe 1400s a mention of it is found i ( Full Answer )