How do you ask a boy out if you are 11-years-old?

PlutoLover101: I hate to say it, but I would wait a little longer. Believe me: I had a best friend (guy) for all my life. We did everything together, shared everything, we talked for hours on the phone even if no one said a word, and one day, I fell for him. So in 6th grade I asked him out, but not as myself. I put Mf which upside down is my initials. So he kept asking who this Mf person was, and I kept saying someone else. Finally, in 7th grade, he said to me on the phone: "PlutoLover101, I will ask you one last time: who is Mf? And if I don't get the right answer, then that will be the end of it." So I said one last time: "It's someone else." There was silence, so I changed the subject. After 30 minutes, he randomly says: "There's a girl at school I really have a major crush on." I wanted to know who it was. Well he was too embarassed to say the name, so I went throught the yearbook from last year and named everyone off, but saved my name until last. So he said: "You moved her to last when she shouldn't be." Me being totally oblivious, said "I moved no one, man." So the guy says: "I will give you a list of names, and you need to figure out who it is that I have the major crush on." So we went through it, and there was silence as I crossed off every name but mine (he gave me hints). After a long time, I said: "There's no one left except..." Pause. "Except who?" Pause. "Me." Pause. "PlutoLover101, will you go out with me?" So we went out without ever saying a word to each other for 4 weeks. I mean nothing ever said within those 4 weeks. I kept calling and calling, but no one answered. I found out later that he had a caller ID. >.< And while we were finally walking together in the halls, he blurted out: "Let's go back to being friends." Sigh. Thought that relationship would be better. The story goes on getting faster and faster downhill, until today where we aren't friends anymore, but might as well leave it at this. Save your eyes. ^-^ Hope this helps. And if you do want to ask him out, send him cute little notes until you think he gets the message, and if he didn't ask you out yet, ask him. It also helps if you are good friends with him. :] I wish you the best of luck!