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How do you ask a boy to the prom?

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How do you get a boy to dance with you with at prom?

You ask them.

Is it okay to ask a boy to prom?

Never ask a guy to prom you'll seem like you can get anyone else , wait for him to ask you. If he likes you he will ask. If he dont ask you then he doesnt like you. but if you want to be brave, go for it!

Is it okay for an underclassman boy to ask an upperclassman girl to her junior-senior prom?

sure, it's absolutely fine to ask whoever you want to prom.

Will a cute boy ask me to a senior prom?

Anything is possible.I'm sure if you be yourself he will ask you,or maybe you should ask him.

Ways to ask a girl to prom have any?

boy: so are you goin to prom with anyone? girl: not yet...... boy: well could i change that? girl: what do you mean? boy: will you go to prom with me(: But I want to do something cute. Not just a conversation. I've seen a lot of different ways, but I want a unique way to ask her.

How do you ask a boy out to the prom?

u first start to build a friendship and then proceed to ask the boy out. make sure u are dressed good and looking hot.if this does not work move on and ask another boy out and u will recover.out of my 7th grade mind. Say, "Hey, do you wanna go to the prom with me?" If he says no, then go ask someone else;)

How can you get a boy to ask you to Prom?

Be flirty around the boy you like and if he likes you then he can do the rest but be patient. They're an easily confused species!

Do you need to bring a boy to prom if you are a girl?

Even though most, almost all, schools do require boy girl couples, there are some cases where you do not have to have a date. Ask your principal about the specific prom rules at your school.

How do you ask girl to prom?

go to her and ask her nicely that would she like to go to prom with you?

Who asks for prom?

Anyone! Heck, if a girl wants to ask a guy to prom GO FOR IT! If a guy wants to ask a girl to prom DO IT!

How do you ask a boy to prom?

if u are hot he will say yes probably so just ask dont be embarrassed because he is probably just waiting 4 someone to ask him

BEST way to ask a girl to a prom?

will you go to the prom with me?

Should you ask her to prom?

Yes, you should ask her to prom. You never know how much girls really want the guys to ask them. :)

What is it called when girls ask guys out to prom?

Girls Choice Prom

How do you get a guy to ask you to dance at prom?

Ask them instead.

What is a creative way to ask a boy to prom?

go up to him and kiss him on the lips and the say to him "your the hottest thing in the universe," and kiss him again.

How do you ask someone to prom?

Prom night is one of the fun of being in high school. To ask someone to go with you in the prom night is not hard. If it's a girl, send her a cute note saying what you would like to ask her. After that you can talk to her parents so that way they will know what's going on. Remember her parents will be spending money to but her a nice dress. But if it's a boy just go to him and ask him if you can talk to him privately. From there you can ask him, you'll never know how it will make him feel special because a girl is asking him to go to the prom with her. Good luck love and I know it will work out for you...

How do you ask a guy to prom other than the direct approach?

I got my friend to ask my date to prom.=It was either her do it or me. And i told her to do it.=

How do you get a guy that barely knows you to ask you to prom?

You could ask him to prom. Or you could start talking to him and let the guy get to know you.

Who did Soulja Boy go to prom with?

he went with a girl name DeAna to to prom and she has his baby.

How to get a guy to go to prom with you?

Ask him.

What is a cool way to ask a girl to prom?

the way i would ask someone to prom would be just send them a note or get their digits

How do you get a date to the prom?

Ask someone to go with you. or Prom Date Depot -

How do you ask a girl to prom?

You just go right on up to her and ask her if she is going to prom if she says yes then ask if she has a date if she says no then you say "well do you want to go with me?" then if she says yes to that you did everything right and as a bonus you got your self a prom date!

How can you drop hints to make him ask you to your prom and through text?

Try bringing up prom into your conversations. Try to ask him if he has a date.... if not imply that you want him to ask you but make it subtle!