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How do you ask a girl out in high school?

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you are old enough to ask her

dont be shy

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Should you ask out a high school girl?

If you're also in high school then I say go for it.

This girl in my high school class likes me and i like her what should i do?

Ask her out.

If you ask a girl out in high school before you can drive should you pick her up?


Lines to ask a girl out in 6Th grade?

you should not be asking a girl out in sixth grade you will have plenty of time for that in high school

How do you talk to a new girl in high school and be friends with her?

greet her. ask the name of her school. i don't know what to say next...

What is bigger than a squirrel?

high school girl! high school girl!

How can you get closer to a girl you are friends with in high school to so you can ask her out?

Well this is what you should do. Walk up to her and say hi and just ask her out!

Tips for a high school Libra guy having a crush on a Pisces girl?

Some tips for a high school Libra guy having a crush on a Pisces girl includes smiling at her. Ask her about her herself and what she likes to do.

How can should I ask a girl to a high school dance?

Just say "Will you go to the dance with me?" it's not that difficult.

How do you ask a girl to be your valentine?

It depends on how old you are. If you are in Elementry:Put a card in their cubby Middle School: Rose with a card in her locker HIgh School: you need to be creative Older: you shouldn't ask

What pleasures a high school girl?

if you just act normal and when shes hanging out with you and nobodys around ask her out to a date

How do i get this girl at my school to go out with me?

You ask her out.

How do you ask a girl to the school formal?

Just ask her you langer

How can you ask a girl out who is in high school?

walk up to her, tell her how beautiful she is and when you think that the time is right just ask her out. It means alot more to girls when you do it to their face.

Where should you go on a date in high school?

Ask the girl where she would want to go. Movies and a dinner is a classic one.

How do you ask a girl out in high school with out actually asking her if I am not sure if she is with somebody?

Find out if she is actually going out with someone secretly without letting her know. If she's single ask her out.

What is the supply list for ridgeline high school?

Ask the teachers at Ridgeline High School.

Is there beach volleyball in high school?

Depends which High School you're in, ask your Principal

How can you penetrate a school girl?

well you can ask her out

How can you get a girlfriend if you're at school?

Ask a girl.

Is it a good idea to ask a girl out at school?


How do you ask a girl out in elementary school?

Go up to her and ask her if she likes you. If she does, then thats when you can ask her "out."

How do you get a dude when your in high school?

Are you saying how does a girl get a boyfriend? Easy, talk to him, get to know him, and then if he likes you he will ask you out. Its simple when a guy gives the advise.(:

Im in middle school and want to know how to ask out a girl i like?

If you are in middle school and want to ask a girl out, just ask her if she wants to hang out sometime. The rest will just happen from there.

How do you get girl in high school?

to get a girl in high school just be yourself and try talking to them or just becoming friends then later on it will lead to a relationship between you and the girl