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just ask. dont freak out

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Q: How do you ask a guy if he wants a relationship?
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How do you ask a guy if he wants a relationship with you?

If your mates wit him and your good looking just ask him

How do I make sure he wants to continue the relationship?

Ask him to be honest with you. If he's a good guy, he will.

What does it mean when a guy ask a female this What Do You Want us to be?

he mens he wants to ask you if you wat to take the relationship to the next level.

How can you tell if your best guy friend has a crush on you?

If you want to date him, ask him if he wants a more personal relationship with you.

How do you know if a guy in his 30s wants a relationship with you?

You know if he wants a relationship with you if he says "I want a relationship with you"

Who is in the wrong - A girl in a relationship who wants is controlling or a guy in a relationship who is indecisive?

the guy

Why does a guy ask for time in a relationship?

A guy usually asks for time when he isn't ready for the solid committment part of a relationship, or maybe he feels that he isn't ready for the pace that the relationnship is moving atso wants a time out to reflect on what he wants.

Who asks for prom?

Anyone! Heck, if a girl wants to ask a guy to prom GO FOR IT! If a guy wants to ask a girl to prom DO IT!

What are the signs a guy wants to ask you out?

If a guy wants to ask you out he will let you know. It's sweet really because once a guy likes a girl it's obvious. If not then he doesn't like you if so then ya! You're in a relationship, if this doesn't work ask him out! I know it's hard but gosh darn it if he's worth it go for it! :)

How do you ask a guy if he really wants to be with you?

just ask him out just do it

If your friend wants you to ask a guy if he likes her should you ask him?

If she really wants to know she should ask him herself.

When is a guy going ask you out?

when he wants to derrr

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