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just ask. dont freak out


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If your mates wit him and your good looking just ask him

Ask him to be honest with you. If he's a good guy, he will.

he mens he wants to ask you if you wat to take the relationship to the next level.

You know if he wants a relationship with you if he says "I want a relationship with you"

He will talk with you and ask you out. He will squeeze your butt. (Most guys aren't that crude!)

If you want to date him, ask him if he wants a more personal relationship with you.

A guy usually asks for time when he isn't ready for the solid committment part of a relationship, or maybe he feels that he isn't ready for the pace that the relationnship is moving atso wants a time out to reflect on what he wants.

If a guy wants to ask you out he will let you know. It's sweet really because once a guy likes a girl it's obvious. If not then he doesn't like you if so then ya! You're in a relationship, if this doesn't work ask him out! I know it's hard but gosh darn it if he's worth it go for it! :)

Anyone! Heck, if a girl wants to ask a guy to prom GO FOR IT! If a guy wants to ask a girl to prom DO IT!

If she really wants to know she should ask him herself.

If a man wants to be in a relationship with you, he will ask you.If a boy wants to be in a relationship with you, he will play games or try to show you physically without bringing it up.

when he wants to derrr

Either he's jealous of the guy or he wants that guy..

He'll ask you to be his partner or he'll tell you he wants to be with you.

When a guy says he wants more than friendship, it means he probably wants to be in a relationship.

ask him if he wants to hang out sometime.

Three obvious thingsHe wants to tell you about himself but does not want to bore youYou have been pushing him to tell you about himselfHe wants to know what you ask, as this will tell him about how you feel about him and where your relationship is going.

You kiss him on the mouth. Then you ask him if he likes it. If he does, ask him if he wants to do it again. IF he does, you have successfully seduced a guy!

There is no way to know if a guy wants you or another girl. The best way to find out what what a guy wants is to ask the guy.

call the guy and ask to kiss him

It means he wants to have sex or actually lay in bed, but i you want to have sex with him its up to you, you have to ask yourself "am i ready" Answer It could mean a lot of different things depending on the guy and the relationship between the two of you. It could possibly mean that he wants the kind of relationship with you where that type of thing could be shared, not meaning sex only.

Why would you ask a straight guy if he was gay? He's straight. Ask a guy if he is gay. If it is someone in your life that you have some sort of relationship with, you just ask him. It's a personal question that really isn't any of your business. If someone wants to come out, it is their choice when and how. If it is just some random guy you may know of then you don't ask. It is none of your business.

when he flirts and always wants to be around you -pretty in punk

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