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J'aimerai un sandwich avec du boeuf, du fromage et du poulet.

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Un sandwich au fromage, s'il vous plaît.

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tous les sandwichs

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Q: How do you ask for a cheese sandwich in french?
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What is a french sandwich with cheese and ham?

un croque-monsieur

What is a ham cheese and egg sandwich in French?

That is a Croque Monsieur.

What is the importance of cheese on a cheese sandwich?

Cheese is the main ingredient for a cheese sandwich. Without cheese, it wouldn't be a cheese sandwich.

What is the French word for a sandwich?

for the sandwiches you find in the fast-food chains, use the same names you would use in English.for a simple bread, butter and ham sandwich, ask for 'un jambon-beurre'for a cheese and butter sandwich, ask 'un sandwich fromage'a tuna sandwich with some salad, egg and a slice of tomato, is called 'un sandwich complet;"un grec" or "un kebab" are mutton-based sandwiches with onions, sauce, French fries."un américain" is a sandwich with french fries in it.

How do you say lettuce sandwich in French?

A lettuce sandwich is "un sandwich à la laitue" in French. You would rather ask for "un sandwich à la salade".

What is a french ham and cheese toasted sandwich commonly named?

That is a Croque Monsieur

Plural of cheese sandwich?

The plural of cheese sandwich is cheese sandwiches.

What is a grilled cheese sandwich?

It's a sandwich, that has cheese, and is grilled.

How do you say you want a cheese sandwich in french?

Je vuex un hambugare de ches

Do french dips have cheese on them?

Yes, but it's just a sandwich so you can omit an ingredient if you like.

What is 'croque-monsieur' when translated from French to English?

"Grilled cheese and ham sandwich" and "toasted cheese and ham sandwich" are English equivalents of the French word croque-monsieur. The masculine singular combination noun translates literally as "crunch-mister" in English. The pronunciation will be "kruhk-muh-syuhr" in French.

Name a food you eat with your fingers?

french fries chips chicken pizza hamburger cheese sandwich