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Je voudrais/veux (voudrais is more formal) un cafe au lait s'il vous plait

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Q: How do you ask for a coffee with milk in french?
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Who was first person to put milk into coffee?

While there are no records of the first person to put milk into coffee it was the French who started it.

What is 'white coffee' when translated from English to French?

Café au lait is coffee with milk or white coffee.

What is a coffee with milk when orderd in french?

Je voudrais du cafe avec du lait.(I want some coffee with milk)

What does the French word 'lait' mean?

The word 'lait' means milk. The term also may be used in the French equivalent of 'cleansing cream', which is called 'cleansing milk'. And it may be used in the French equivalent of 'coffee with cream', which is called 'coffee with milk'.

What is cafe au lait?

French for coffee with milk. Sounds better in French doesn't it!!!

Is cappochino a french drink?

Cappucino is Italian for a coffee with some milk.

What does a coffee press do?

A coffee press, French Press, or a cafetière, is used to brew coffee. However, if you wish, you can use it to make milk foam.

Is coffee French?

No. In terms of origin, coffee came to Europe through Turkish trading with the Venetians. However, the tradition of adding milk and sweeteners to coffee to make it more palatable to Europeans, is a result of French experimentation. This is why many of the types of coffee, such as lattes have French names.

What is better coffee into milk or milk into coffee?

Coffee into milk i think is the best!!1

What is hot coffee with scalded milk in a French word?

Café au lait.

Is coffee mostly milk?

No, coffee is not mostly milk. It is mostly coffee.

How do you ask for coffee in Spanish?

If you are asking for a coffee in a bar you would say Ponme un cafe Ponme means 'put for me' Give me is actually 'Dame'' There are different kinds of coffee, e.g. cafe con leche (coffee with milk) cortado (a small glass of concentrated coffee without milk)