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Go out as friends, to an event that she likes or you mutually like. If you enjoy each other's company, try this several more times, until you feel comfortable enought to ask her out on a date. Be prepared that she may say no, and don't take it personally or get angry or depressed about it. You need to take a chance and you need to learn how to deal with the confidence of success as well as dealing with the negative emotions associated with rejection. It is part of the learning process, part of dating and part of growing up. Good Luck and I hope everything works out for you! DURING YOUR NORMAL CONVERSATIONS WITH THE GIRL ASK HER GENERAL QUESTIONS REGARDING WHAT SHE DOES IN HER SPARE TIME,I.E:GOING TO THE MOVIES; EATING OUT; Bowling;LIBRARY;ETC. DISCOVER FROM HER WHAT HOBBIES THE TWO OF YOU HAVE IN COMMON AND OFFER TO ESCORT HER TO ONE OF THOSE ACTIVITIES. PAY ATTENTION TO HER RESPONSES; IF SHE IS EXCITED AND HER FACE SEEMS TO "LIGHT UP" AT YOUR PROPOSAL, THEN SHE AT LEAST LIKES YOU AND YOUR COMPANY, BUT IF SHE CANNOT MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT WITH YOU AND COMES UP WITH ANY EXCUSE NOT TO JOIN YOU, THEN THATS A CLUE NOT TO PROCEED ANY FURTHER ADVANCES. GOOD LUCK!

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Q: How do you ask out a girl you really like if you always talk to her but you do not think she likes you?
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I really really like this girl but i have been good friends for about a year and i have had a crush on her for ages but now the feeling is much deeper and dont think she likes me what can i do?

Do you think she likes you? well if you think she likes you try to ask her out but if you don't think she likes you very much, just wait awhile. PS: I think she likes you it always ends up that way

I think this girl likes me?

well if you think she likes you and you like her ask her out or something, it really pays off:)!!

How can you a girl tell if a girl likes you?

She always looks at you and if she really likes you she might get her friend to see if you like her, or she will ask you out or get her friend to ask you out for her

When you like a girl who your friends with and she likes you but she is going out with your friend what do you do?

well. is your friend more important or the girl? think about that. also think about the fact that if the girl really likes you, she would leave your friend.

How do you find out if this girl likes you?

If she really likes you she would always smile, laugh at your jokes, and try to hang out or talk to you.

Who is Hannah Groff?

She's a really cool girl who always likes to lick strawberries.

What type of girl does Princeton like from mindless behavior?

He likes a girl that's mindless and likes to stand Out and is smart like him (: He likes a girl that likes him for who he really is, and smart, confident, and is faithfull i think. hopefully i hepled. :)

This guy likes this girl and he always stares her in the eyes but shes really shy and cant do it and just smiles and blushes back will she push him away or is it possible he may know shes shy?

I think that this girl likes this guy. When a girl blushes and smiles she might be into that guy. Hope i helped.;)

How can tell if a girl likes you?

see the question "I am a goofy guy and I'm not sure when a girl likes me or something so how do i tell cause i think a girl likes me." it will tell you everyting you need to know!!!! (the tips really work!!)

Would Leo Howard date a girl named jade?

If Leo Howard really likes that girl than I think that he would really date her.

How can you tell if a girl likes you over texts?

if you know her well enough than think about how she would really say it to you if you think shes flirting than she likes you

How can tell a girl likes you?

The girl always looks at you.And smile at you if your talking to her and she listens that means.She REALLY CARES bout U.Also if she always want to sit with you it shows.

How do you know if a girl likes you or if she is just really nice and does not really have intentions of liking you?

if she is talking about u behind your back always looking at you

How do you know if your girl friend really likes you?

I'm a good person to answer this. If a girl likes you, she'll always try and spend lots of time with you and always be friendly and kind. If she leaves you out of things, this is a sign of ignorance, therefore she must be dumped!

Your a guy but you have always been attracted to Butch lesbians. How can you get one to like you?

unfortunatly there is no hope if the 'butch lesbian' really likes Lesbians. it's like a man likes girls therefore it is a butchy girl who likes a girl.

How do you get the boy you really like and you think he likes you too but he won't show it?

just kiss him girl

What do you do to tell if a girl likes you?

I am a girl so i know what i am talking about! If a girl likes you then she will probably look at you, then when you turn your head to see if see is looking at you she will quickly turn her head so you don't think she is looking at you! when you are walking around (even if you are with your friends) she will look at you. Sometimes when a girl likes you her feet with be pointing you but not her body! her head will not be facing you or looking at you but her feet will! Also if a girl likes you when you are just hanging out with your friends or with out you friends she with kinda fallow you a little bit. But if she really likes you, she might even leave you a love note WITHOUT her name. But if she really really really REALLY likes you then she will put her name on the love note!

What does it mean when you like a boy and hes with another girl but wants to be very close friends with you?

if you think he really doesn't like that girl then steal his heart by always looking great but always be nice but if hes really into the girl then talk to the girl about your feelings and the boy should soon be yours also another tip when they break up ask him or ask a friend to ask him if he still likes you

Will a guy think about the girl who likes him?

If he likes the girl who likes him, then yeah.

This girl likes your brother but you think she might like you too what should you do?

forget that girl man its not worth the hassle and blood is thicker than water he will always be your brother but will the girl always be there for you? ask yourself that

If your not sure a girl likes you should you ask her out or leave it and you think shes really cute?

I think you should just go for it and ask her out.

What does it mean when a girl says you are really good friends?

Well She's Your Really Good Friend I Don't Know Whaat You Think Buut I Think It Means She Likes You .

What should I do if there's a girl I really like and I think she likes me because she keeps on touching me?

Ask her out stupid.

Why would a girl say no if she really likes you?

Perhaps she doesn't care for you as much as you think??

Is Chris Brown going to gat married?

no and how do you think he is going to get married no girl really likes him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!