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you say:exus moi, je peux vous parler s'il vous plait

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Q: How do you ask to speak to someone in french?
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How do you ask someone if they speak Canadian in french?

Canadian is not a language. Do you mean to ask if they can speak French Canadian? If so: Est-ce que vous parlez francais-canadien?

How do ask you do not speak French in French?

To ask: "Do you speak French?" : Parlez-vous français? To say : "I do not speak French," : Je ne parle pas français. To say : "I speak French," : Je parle français. To literally say : "You do not speak French?" would be "Vous ne parlez pas français?"

When we ask about someone's health how do we ask in french?

When you want to ask about someone's health in French you would say Comment allez-vous.

How do you ask If somebody speaks French in French?

parlez-vous français ? means "do you speak french?"

How do you ask to speak with someone in Italian?

posso parlare con te- can i speak with you

Say you speak English in french?

In French, to ask how do you speak English? you say:Comment vous parlent anglais ?To ask do you speak English? you say:Parlez vous anglais?To ask how do you say ____ in English? you say:ça se dit comment "____" en anglais?In French, to simply say the language English or the subject English, you say:anglaisPronounced: on-gleh

What is you speak French in French?

It depends on who you're speaking with: "parles-tu français?" (is said to a friend, someone "familiar" or someone younger) "vous-parlez français?" (someone older, of higher position - like an elder, boss or teacher) "tu parles français" and "vous parlez français" are also accepted. To ask if French is generally somewhere (like in a store or a country) you can ask "On parle français ici?"

How do you ask someone if they can speak English in French?

Est-ce que tu parles anglais? is an informal way to ask "Can you speak English?"Est-ce que vous parlez anglais? is the formal way to ask.Sometimes, people omit the "Est-ce que."

What five countries in France do not speak French?

France is a country. It doesn't contain other countries.Perhaps you meant to ask, what five countries in Europe do not speak French. The countries of Europe that do not speak French include:IrelandIcelandThe United KingdomSpainGermanyItalyPortugualAustriaHungaryPolandSwedenDenmarkNorwayFinlandNetherlandsCzechiaSlovakiaBulgariaUkraineMacedoniaBosnia and HerzegovinaSloveniaSerbiaCroatiaMontenegroEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaRussiaGreeceTurkey

How many countries took part in the Olympics that speak french?

Only 11 countries who took part in the olympic games could speak french. I was going to ask, which countries who took part could speak french? Because of a project.

Is it illegal to ask someone to speak English in Massachusetts treatment center?


How do i ask if you speak English in french?

Est-ce-que vous parlez anglais?