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How do you ask your best friend out?

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2010-06-29 03:02:00

"Asking_your_best_friend_out" id=

"Asking_your_best_friend_out">Asking your best friend out

I would tell that person you want to be more than friends and if

that person says no then continue to be friends if you can. There

is some risk of alienation. Especially if the friend is of the same


Be honest, and say what is on your mind! I don't know about you

other girls, but I like a guy who can be honest with me, and accept

me for who I am. So you should be honest with him, then let him

know that you accept him or her for who they are and nothing would

change it, then ask he or she out! :)

Also, one quick tip if your not sure if a person likes you back,

make direct eye contact with the person, and if her/his pupils

dilate, she/he probably likes you. I know it sounds weird, but it

actually works and can be effective.

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