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How do you ask your ex to hang out with you?


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When you split up with someone (even if the split-up was a friendly one) it's simply time to move on. The reason for this is you have had an intimate relationship and some fond memories and perhaps not so many fond memories. Still, one of the two is still in love with the other (sounds like you are.) It's mentally healthier to move on and spend more time with friends until you meet someone else. Try not living in the past, but reach for the future.


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if you are talking about an ex- then yes be friendly but not too friendly

cuz he/she is into you and just wants to hangHope this helpGood luck

hangs out with him A LOTtext him 24/7 or around 3 a.mtalk about him when hes not arounddoes anything for himwhen you guys hang out she might ask or want to ask if her ex can tag along.

If your ex still misses you it means he wants you back. I suggest you take it slow. Ask him if he wants to hang out sometime and your realtionship may grow back again.

'Ex' means you are no longer in a relationship with that person so you are as free as your ex boyfriend to date anyone you choose to date. If you are really attracted to your ex's friend then when your ex is not around ask his friend out to a movie or a favorite spot you may hang out at.

Hang out i hang with mine all the time we have a great relationship so good luck

Just hang out with them and talk to them alot

you will know if your ex boyfriend still likes you if... he askes you to hang out with him.. he will ask your opinion on things. he will call you 24/7 he will wait for you to come home from work. he won;t ask about other guys... if he likes you he will probably shopw you that by... waiting for the perfect moment to kiss you. waiting for time to hold your hand,. he will ask you out. and then

Ask him out hang out with him hang with him and his friends talk to him ask him for his # so u can txt him stuff like that :)

you can ask him what he likes to do or you can ask him to hang out

if your ex still shows that he/she still likes to talk to yo. then there really shouldn't be a problem. especially if you ended on good terms. otherwise youd probably be messing with fire if your ex still shows that he/she still likes to talk to yo. then there really shouldn't be a problem. especially if you ended on good terms. otherwise youd probably be messing with fire

Then, if he still seems interested, ask him to hang out once in a while. Guys don't have to make all the moves. But, if you do ask him to hang out once in a while, then maybe ask him why you guys don't hang out more.

tell him that your going out to hang out with a ex

Obviously not.Definetly not (NO WHY!)

ask him if he wants to hang out sometime.

This is most likely because he stil has some sort of hang-ups about his ex. These things take time to work their ways out of our minds as we ALL are aware of. Follow your heart and ask yourself, if this continues, if he wants to be with you or her.

One of two things, either he doesn't like you, or he is too shy to ask you to hang out.

If you are still interested in your Ex ask his friend that she will get the pick from her Ex not from his friend.

She is your EX for a reason! Don't do it again!!!!!!!!!

Hang out with them. Ask them to be your friend.

you ask them do they want to hang out then you ask them do they like youand if they don't ask them why and fix the problem.

personally I wouldn't ask an ex out again. They are an ex for a reason!

ask her idiot how would you no unless you ask her you dirty hang

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