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You just tell her like "Mom i need to start to shave my legs that's what i did"


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Tell your mom, " Mom, I would like to shave my legs because they are bothering me. I feel that I am old enough to do so."

it just depends on what you want to shave. you really aren't supposed to shave your pubic area. but legs are a different story. if you really want to shave your legs, just ask your mom flat out if you can. never go behind your moms back and do something that she wouldn't approve of.

my mom and i arent that close in this kinda way and i just said 'hey mom my legs are really hairy and gross, can you get me a razor so i can shave them please?' is that what your asking for??? your question is confusing me haha

I would just shave them.... I imagine that this is a girl so, ask your mom if you can, if she says no then do it any ways, always use soap before you shave your legs and make sure to hide any evidence.

You don't HAVE to shave anything. I suggest shaving under the arms, on the legs, don't shave your arms! It'll grow back thick and dark. As for private areas, use Nair and ask your mom to get your some razers.

"Mom, do you have a razor I can borrow?" I don't know if that's indirect enough for you, but that's one idea.

your mom will understand that you are a growing woman. just bring it up on a day you spend with her.

Not all women in Europe shave their legs. It is a myth that European women do not shave their legs.

Girls dont like hair on there legs..some of them find that is really gross. Some girl dont even shave there legs because there parents dont let them or they are to gross to even shave there legs. The girl that love sport shave their legs because they are a lot of people there that will ask "do you shave your legs". But some girl do it so they have nice soft leg.

no, you do not have to shave your legs to wear hose.

Wear a dress or skirt that really shows off your legs right before you're going out. Your mom will notice this and you won't have to ask again.

if you mom already said no come up with some important reasons why u really, actually want to shave and discuss them with her.

shaving is something like brushing your teeth, you do it because its something humans do, you don't need to ask your mom to shave. you don't have to ask her but i wouldn't shave for the first time without help froma parent. and not every person shaves, its not necessary

You can ask your mom again. Explain to her why it's important to you. Ask your mom if u can way, use nair, or wear long pants to school as an alternative.DO NOT GO BEHIND your mom's back and shave. You may get in trouble if you cut yourself.

Just ask that how to shave his mustash then shave your pussy Just ask that how to shave his mustash then shave your pussy

i shave my legs secretly i already have a razor.when youre in the shower shave them just don't tell your mom. hope that helps ***************** u probably shouldn't do it secretly unless u know your mom couldn't care less. if u do share trust you should just keep it simple and tell her straight out or if ur nervous just go around in shorts around the house and let her see hoe hairy ur legs are and she'll finally get so grossed out she will tell u to shave ur legs.haha.

Well, not before age 11. I think no later than 14. Ask your mom, sister or a trusted adult for advice. I would ask them at around age 12, though.

Not all football players shave their legs.

Lots of athletes shave their legs, especially swimmers.

Sure they can. but unless they're serious cyclists or swimmers they can expect some ridicule from their friends. They can be gay too. so if they shave their legs, ask them why. Sure, it makes you feel good, i love it.

yes Cody does shave his legs, and he claims that his legs are smoother than any woman's

Nick does shave his legs. He is a 16 year old boy!

My wife perfers me to shave my legs, chest, pubes, and back.

you just say "mum can i shave" But the answer depends on where if it is under arms then be like "mum can i shave my under arms they are really hairy and i dont wanna go to the pool like this"

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