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Theres different ways to attract a guy it real depands what kind of guy it is but 4 the genaral way to attract a guy read this page

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Q: How do you attract a guy that you like?
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What to do to attract a guy?

depends on who he is if nice just ask him but if like a party guy then u gotta party

How do you tell a guy you like him without sounding to forward?

say something that will attract him,or a complament

How can you attract the guy you like?

What ever you do , do not become someone your not! Be yourself and never change your style they should like you for who you are not what you dress like.

What if a guy likes you but she is different from the girls hed like?

opposites attract so id go for it

How do you attract an asian guy?

learn what they like to do talk to him let him know your interested in him the same no matter what the race

How to attract a guy?

There are quite a few ways to attract the right guy. You could try being very nice and doing things for them.

How to attract a guy when your 14 years old?

Depends on the guy Some guy's like girls who show alot ot cleaveledge And some guy's dont like girls who look easy So observe his past girlfriends and see if your like them (If your not dont try to be like someone your not!)

How do girls attract a guy?

I can answer that because I like a guy, you just be your self and make sure he knows you don't be perfect around him tease him some and have fun!

How do you attract a guy and make him like you but your not fitted but pretty?

you cant you have to just be yourself and hope if hes right for you it will happen

Why a guy calls your name?

He wants to attract your attention

I am a Gemini guy how do I attract a Virgo?

The same way that you would attract any other guy. Be yourself, get him to notice you, flash a smile, talk to him, be funny, be flirty.

Whats the best to to attract a guy?

Be yourself. Be lady-like in your movements and be simple. Hang-out with him and always be neat and feel beautiful.

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