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Hello...Thanks for this nice Question. I think its a beggest question for every men. Mostely people think about diffrent strategy about women. Some of things are which attract a women:

1) A good personality

2) Honesty for partner

3) A good physique

4) Six pack abs

5) A better job

6) A better eye contact with understanding

7) A trust

Personally i think it is not that complicated as you think when it comes to approaching a girl.

I was once a very shy guy and introvert, however, sooner or later i discover that actually dating and pick up girl itself is a skill that can be acquired, this program has taught me well on how to talk to girls and attract them subconsciously. So far i am quite glad with the result.

Personally i think it is not that complicated as you think when it comes to approaching a girl.

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How can man attract woman?


How do you attract older woman as younger man?

Do you attract them out of love, or just to get something from them?. In everything the motive matters.

How do you attract a Capricorn woman?

If you are intelligent and show you are grounded

How do you attract a Chinese woman?

Find out what she likes. Do what she likes.

How does a Capricorn man attract a Gemini woman?

be yourself

Why does a man attract to a woman?

Because that is how God made us

How do you attract a girl if she is not communicable to you?

dont be such a woman and talk to her.....ert!

How can i learn what type of woman i attract?

Depends on how big of a loser you are...

Easiest way to attract women?

The easiest way to attract women is to do what they like. You need to be both a man and at the same time be like a slave to the woman. Its the best way to attract women.

How does a woman attract a man?

Just be yourself and if that doesn't work then it was never meant to be.

How do you attract 30 to 40 age woman?

I would say act as mature as they are.

How do you attract a Scorpio woman?

The same way you would with a Scorpio man - be yourself.

How do a man attract a woman?

Ask them out or give them nice comments (we girls love that)

Do girls like afros?

It generally depends on the woman who the male is trying to attract.

Who sings always attract with you me at six?

The woman singing is Josh's sister, Elissa.

What is the difference between suitors and lovers?

Well, a suitor MOST LIKELY just wanted to attract the woman to show that he is the best, unlike a lover who tries attract the woman because of love, not just want to show off.

You are a Virgo woman how do you attract a Scorpio man?

Be yourself, and don't let a Scorpio dominate you!

How do you attract a gay woman if you are a man?

You can't. Gay women by definition are not attracted to males.

Virgo girl Aries boy?

Black woman White man... Jewish man Agnostic woman... Opposites attract, it happens and it's beautiful.

Do a arrogant man correspong to a humble woman?

Yes: That's usually how it works. Opposites attract.

Does menstrual blood given in a mans drink attract him towards that woman?

No. It would make him sick.

Are woman easily attracted to men who play an instrument like a harp?

Not really. Most woman easily attract to guys in big buisness with alot of money.

Why do abused women attract abusive husbands?

Because they sense that the abused woman is submissive and they can abuse her easier than, say, a strong woman who stands up for herself.

How do you attract a married women?

You don't try to attract a married woman. If you want to play Russian Roulette and see if you can get her interested in you and she is then you will still lose out because most women will generally stay with their husbands.

Does men's chest hair attract women?

it depends on the woman... a little bit of hair is always a safe route=)