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We need a little more information so I am going to start an answer to your question but hope you post back and express exactly what is going on and who is involved in this mess. Remember, you are in total control of yourself! You weren't put on this earth to be manipulated or hurt in any way. Take the controls back! To avoid this manipulation you MUST sit down with the two (bring a witness along for the ride) and confront them. If they are not willing to listen to reason then family or not, walk away and keep them out of your life.

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How do you cope with your friends annoying family member i like some of my friends family members but there is one or two that i just find annoying?

Avoid or ignore the family member politely.

What is a sentence for relatives?

relatives will always be worried. because They care about you.

Are the gosselins famous?

Yes. The family members have to be careful about broadcasting their travel plans, and they avoid places where their visit would create problems.

If pregnancy test is positive and I want to avoid pregnancy?

Consult with your physician. You may also want to talk to the father and perhaps other people such as family members, clergy members, etc.

An excuse used to avoid punishment?

One of my family members were rushed to hospital my baby cousin is having a party i cant get out of...or anyones birthday

How do whales avoid inbreeding?

To avoid inbreeding whales breed with members of other pods.

What way can teenagers prevent themselves from being manipulated by the social media?

Some ways to avoid being manipulated by the media are to:Not believe everything you readStop joining different social media platformsStart making sure the sites you are going to are trustworthy

When is oxygen therapy not appropriate?

Patients and family members who smoke should not have oxygen prescribed or should avoid smoking in the area to prevent combustion. Sedatives should be avoided for patients on oxygen therapy.

What do house members do to avoid punishment for serious crimes?

resign from office

Why is it important to make family adjustment?

To avoid losing valuable and experienced relations of your family.

Can family mambers tell each other what they honestly think and feel?

They sure can, though they must always be prepared to face the consequences!! Depending on how reasonable your family members are, it is usually best to let them know exactly how you feel, so as to clear the air & avoid resentment.

Why do emigrants leave their country?

* For freedom of religion. * For feedom from religion. * For economic betterment. * To avoid social oppression. * To become missionaries. * To avoid family problems. * To avoid family molestations. * To avoid starvation. * To avoid lawful debt. * To avoid unlawful debt. * To avoid criminal penalties. * To avoid criminal prosecution. * To avoid compulsory military service. * Because as the third or fourth son they had no inheritance due to them. * Because of peer pressure. * To seek adventure. * To avoid a paternity claim. * To start again after a broken heart. * To gain wealth.

How to Avoid family vacation?

It must be a regular negative experience for you! The most tactful way to avoid a family vacation is to arrange a real or fictitious alternative. Otherwise, simply say no.

What is that called when Amish avoid or ignore their family?

It is called shunning.

Why do people with anorexia avoid family and friends?

They avoid there family and friends because the eating disorder feels like there only friend, the eating disorder blocks out friends and family to make more room for itself. Hope I helped a bit.

What are some reasons for not abusing drugs?

1) Avoid addiction and other health problems 2) Avoid financial difficulties 3) Avoid problems in relationships and family 4) Avoid possible incarceration 5) Avoid interacting with dangerous individuals

How do you avoid broken family?

Don't get born into a dysfunctional family. If you are, then try your hardest to make everyone get along, no matter what.

Can I pass on the flu to members of my family?

Yes. The virus that causes the flu is very sneaky and you can be infected and pass the virus to others even before you know you are sick. The best defense is to avoid others who are sick and to wash your hands frequently.

How can I prevent getting pink eye?

Pink eye is usually caused by a virus. The most important ways to avoid pink eye are to wash your hands and not touch your eyes. It is important also not to share towels with other family members.

Discuss ways to avoid common pitfalls that cause teams to fail?

One of the ways to avoid common pitfalls is by encouraging members of the team to respect one another. Building trust and a helpful spirit among members will ensure the team works effectively.

How were the 1930s for mental disabilities?

Horrible. People would dump off family members in asylums/hospitals to avoid having to take care of them themselves, even though in most hospitals they had no more real insight than anyone else.

Why did the family of Jesus go to Egypt?

Supposedly to avoid Herod's Slaughter of the Innocent.

What are the ways by which one can help sustain biodiversity?

Plant a tree. Make sure it is a local tree species and look after it;Keep nearby forests, woodlots, bush and riversides clean;Use, reuse or repair things until they are completely worn out;Do not use, eat or buy endangered species. Ask your family, friends, community members to avoid buying or using endangered species;Avoid using pesticides in family and community gardens;Use composting at home. The compost can be added to the family garden or the community garden; andFind out where and how your food is grown. Encourage your family to support local or sustainable farming.

What are the benefits of mother in family planning?

by family planning, mother can recovers and regains her health. by family planning, mother can also avoid abortion because her pregnancy was her decision

How do you figure out who your ancestors are?

Older family members can tell you your family tree dating back a couple of generations. Before that, you will need to research family Bibles, marriage records, newspaper articles, and so forth. Genealogy sites on the Internet can help, but avoid the pay sites that may offer little valuable data and charge an exorbitant price for it. There are cooperative genealogy sites and bulletin boards, as well.