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If you want to avoid hacking on zwinky... If someone asks you your password , lie about your password If someone does hack your acount but doesn't change your password you need to check if the e-mail you put down and you pet name , teachers name , etc is the same then you need to change your password by logging out then clicking forgot password.

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Can you steal stuff in zwinky?

Yeah. Hacking!!!I get zcards by hacking can't tell you how though

How can you get to red on zwinky?

Youu cant its been closed because everyone kept hacking it x

Hacking blackend angel's zwinky?

can i plzz get blackend_angel the zwinky back? that was mine... and i need it back... can u hack it back plzz... and email me the password... sally.huynh@yahoo.com

How do you hack your own account on zwinky?

its the same thing if ur hacking any1 elses account it BTW: hasn't worked 4 me yet tho

How you get my friend password in zwinky?

If you mean hack.. There is no hacking ways that you can get onto your friends account. Many people have tried too.. Unless you tricked them into telling you. Thats about it.

What does Zwinky mean?

A Zwinky is an avatar or account on the Zwinky website.

Who is alaa of zwinky?

Alaa of zwinky is the greatest hacker of all zwinky.

How do you change your zwinky profile to private?

Friend my zwinky my zwinky name is patcavmet7

Why is zwinky spyware?

why is zwinky spyware

Is zwinky a virus?

Sadly.....Yes, i loved zwinky, i used to play everyday, until..... I did a virus scan, and well I got 137 ADWARE and 5 Pups. SO i deleteed zwinky did a virus search and Boom all gone AVOID AT ALL COST IT MAY LOOK COOL BUT VIRUS and ADWARE and Pups. DO NOT INSTALL

Who is Miss Casey on Zwinky?

She is the founder of zwinky!

Who is owner of zwinky?

The creator of Zwinky is misscasey.

How old do you need to be to have a zwinky?

you can have zwinky when your 13

How do you delete zwinky?

go to edit profile and delete your zwinky like that. it says "delete zwinky". [;

What is misscasey's password on zwinky?

Why would you want to know that anyways? If it is because of the cheats that have been removed, then forget the thought of hacking her account! She can do worse stuff, like even shutting Zwinky down, which is probably the worst thing that can happen...Anyways, she hasn't been on since February 2008, as you can see from her profile.couse shes dead!!! :(

Why is there a Zwinky category?

Because some people need help to find things out about zwinky or zwinky cuties.

Is there any zwinky code sites?

just look up zwinky codes on google or zwinky cheats

What is the other wardrobe URL to zwinky?

add me on zwinky its __melanie__ :] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _melanie_ as in the 10:00 zwinky news??!!

CanI get the upgrade for zwinky?

no you can't get updates for zwinky

Is zwinky free?

The basic Zwinky is free, yes.

Where do I get zwinky codes?

how do i get a tan in zwinky also how do i get a zcard

In zwinky how to get out when you are banded?

what is environment in zwinky how to get in whan you are banded

Does Taylor Swift have a zwinky?

Yes she does, her zwinky is taylrswift

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