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The only thing you can do is to make an offer to the person or agency that hold the judgment against you. But you should know that they do not have to accept your offer.

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: How do you avoid paying the interest charges on a judgment for 5000 that has been in affect for 5 years?
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Benefits of paying off credit cards monthly?

1-you're not paying lots of interest charges 2 helps to keep debts under control

Can you satisfy judgment for restitution without paying?

You can't satisfy a judgment for restitution without paying. That is the exact opposite of what the judgment is for. You can only erase a judgment by satisfying it.

What is the advantage in paying with a lump sum?

The advantage of a person paying with a lump sum is that it will affect the interest that a person will pay on the money they have borrowed. Paying a lump sum will also help a person because a person will pay less on their interest and mortgage.

Do you still get your taxes even though you have a judgment against you?

Generally, yes. But those holding the judgment may well come after the money...and hiding it from them can tuen to criminal charges. Not paying what you are required to has a way of ggetting worse, and worse.

Can I settle my credit card without paying late payment and interest?

Yes you can. If you have the funds available, you can pay off the whole balance before the 'dues date' - and accrue no interest or charges.

What is the charges for vandalism?

vandalism charges are paying £0.01p for a fine

How can you eliminate the interest and penalties on your student loan?

The penalties by paying on time. The interest by paying it off.

Can a tax judgment filed in California 14 years ago change from 1050.00 to 2546.00 when you try to pay it off in 09?

If it was a tax judgment that is 14 years old, you are also probably paying off fines penalties, and interest costs.

Can you write off a judgment on your taxes?

I assume the judgment is against you. If you held the judgment, you will have received money and that may or may not be income. If you pay a judgment against you, whether or not you can "write it off" will depend entirely on what kind of judgment it is. Also, you may be able to write it off for state tax purposes but not federal and vice versa. Usually, paying most judgments does not affect taxes.

How do you avoid interest on credit cards?

By paying the entire balance on the card, in one shot, you avoid interest rates. There's no other way.Credit cards are designed & prepared to bill you interest, or finance charges (whatever you want to call it) every month until you debt is paid in full. The sooner you pay off the debt to the credit card, the faster you eliminate fees, interest rates, finance charges etc.

Can collection agencies place a lien on your house to pay hospital bills?

Yes if they have been awarded a court judgment in that state. This means that you CANNOT sell this home without first paying off the judgment plus interest accrued since the judgment was first awarded. There is no time limit on how long a lien can stay on a property.

Can you pay off a car loan without paying interest?

If the total interest expense is included in the loan balance, they you'can't pay off the car without paying interest.

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